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  1. I thought about dry hopping, question- what kind of hops, how much and how long, thanks- HoppySmile
  2. I'm not gonna put the blow off in it, and I didn't think of hops but that sure sounds like a good idea, thanks Brian.
  3. The jug was sanitized, the tube was sanitized, I had a muslin cloth around the jug where the tube went in so it could breath, no sanitizer liquid in the jug, and I read on here where another brewer had condensed a 6 gallon batch down to a 5 gallon batch for more flavor.
  4. Hi Guys, I made a batch of American Pale Ale yesterday, I used 3 cans of Mr Beer American Pale Ale, 3 Booster packs, and 3 packs of LME. I know this should make a 6 gallon batch but I put it all in a 5 gallon carboy. When it started working it went crazy, I had to put a blow off tube on it and I ran the tube to a 1 gallon jug. Well I ended up with over a half gallon of liquid and foam. My question is would you put the blow off liquid back in the carboy or not? Thanks Red
  5. What is a good temperature for conditioning the bottled beer?
  6. Can somebody tell me how to take the spigot apart for cleaning?
  7. Hi, newbie here, does anybody use Irish Moss in their 2 gallon batches?
  8. I did my first batch yesterday and mine is doing the same thing, I put it in my cooler and put some cold packs in with it. Its doing better know. What is the perfect temp. to try to keep it at?
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