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  1. Wow, I didn't think I'd actually get this many comments! As I stated, I did like the taste and body of the Diablo, I just wanted a little more kick. There's a brewery in Frederick, MD that makes a Belgian style IPA called Raging Bitch that comes in at about 8.3 ABV. As someone quite new to home brewing, I was inquiring as to whether or not I could raise the ABV WITHOUT affecting taste too much. It has become apparent that this is quite difficult. That's fine, I'll most likely simply try another Mr. Beer recipe to see if it's more to my liking. After that, I'll begin tweaking to see if I like what I create. I will however need to know what to tweak. That is what the post was about since I am a beginner, and certainly not a beer connoisseur. Though I've been reading a lot I'm still not entirely sure on the preferential fermentation of maltose, glucose, maltotriose, and other fermentable wort sugars by yeast and the remaining non-fermentables and proteins end result in terms of flavor profile, body and head retention, which is again why I turned here. I also do have a job other interests and hobbies and I'm wise enough to know I'm not going to waste weeks to months, in addition to the required resources, simply "chasing ABV" on a beverage that may quite well end up tasting like gasoline mixed with sweet horse urine. There's a liquor store less that half mile away from me if I simply need to get "wasted" Thanks to everyone that actually tried to help me, though. I appreciate it.
  2. Ahh... I see. So the experimentation begins! I don't want to dry out too much or want it TOO hoppy, so we'll see. You mentioned you add a cup of dextrose to your IPAs, is this in the standard LBK and how does it change the flavor? Do you attempt to balance out the flavor with anything else, or do you like very hoppy beers? I see the Mr. Beer Booster has 8% glucose, 56% maltose, 16% maltotriose and 20% dextrins. Have you had any experience with this vs using straight dextrose? Would this perhaps be a better option for me since ideally I'd like to keep the balance and flavor close to where it is now and up the ABV a little? Also, would I be able to just use another can of the Diablo extract in the wort? Thanks again!!
  3. Thanks! Like I said I'm new, but the basic idea is "you cant drastically change one thing, without affecting another"? So if I were to add dextrose, as Josh suggests, that would still dilute the hop flavor so I'd need to add a little more? Adding just LME would also interfere with the balance of the beer? I'm not really chasing ABV so much, which is why I don't want to add to the body or mess with the balance too much. I would like just a little more "kick" in it though Thanks again you guys are awesome to a total newbie. I just followed the directions exactly and it came out pretty good, but I know it can be better
  4. Hi All, I'm a relatively new brewer and I just finished my first batch of Diablo IPA. I like it!! I'd like to boost the ABV without adding much body. I'd like to maybe get to about 8% ABVCan I use pure maltose to do this? As a completely fermentable sugar maltose would leave no mouthfeel or off tastes correct? I'm talking about using pure maltose sugar, not a maltose corn syrup or a booster mix of sugars. Thanks
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