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  1. @craftbeersyndrome Thanks a lot! It's really just an excuse to drink beer with a random friend, but I do try to make them fun to watch. lol. And yes, we definitely are fun to hang out with and drink beer. Cheers!
  2. @AnthonyC thanks for checking out the show! No-Li really is a good brewery. I actually never announce to the brewery that I'm doing a show until I start doing it. It's more realistic and I'd really like to support them by paying for the beer. Though I have gotten extra tasters from time to time! Lol. It's a fun excuse to try new beer, hang out with a friend and do some video editing (which I didn't realize was so fun... Who knew?). Thanks again for checking out the show! Cheers!
  3. Hey there! I'm new to the Mr. Beer community. My wife and I are home brewers (Geek Love Brewing), frequent Untapped a lot, and I even have my own YouTube show where I go around to different breweries, get a flight of beer with a friend and review as I get drink withhold rooms consequences (www.travislovesbeer.com). If any of this interests anyone in always up for connecting with like-minded folks. Cheers!
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