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  1. poker_run


    That mug was freezer frozen and when I over poured, the brew creeped over the sides and became slush as you see on the mug in pic.....pretty cool. LoL
  2. At what point in process do you add it?
  3. Thanks. I started last night and will try as directed, maybe do lactose next time. i do have a question that I couldn't find in a forum- i usually use 740ml bottles (and have the wand to fill with), but did get the cider kit that came with qty 8- 1L bottles and plan on using them. Looking ahead, I do realize I will use 2.5 teas sugar to prime, and notice instructions state fill up to 2" from top (and somewhere else read 2.5" from top).......anywhere in that range is good? and for conditioning, is 4 weeks good? (The "standard" 3/4/3 ?) or any advice on it? i have done my other brews 3 weeks fermenting, 4 (+) weeks conditioning, and 3 days in refridge.
  4. When and how much lactose to a 2 gal LBK? and where do you get lactose (local home Brew Store)?
  5. Sorry, 2 more questions..... 3 weeks for fermentation too long? i am going on a 2-1/2 week trip and was gonna throw it into the lbk before I left. Also, I see post about adding lactose for sweetness. Is that a good idea for this kit?
  6. I must have gotten older kit, it only has 2 bottles. i was planning making with the 2 bottle, no sugar, and add gallon of apple juice. ?work yeah?
  7. With the 2 bottle or 3 bottle, and adding/not adding the 1.5 cups sugar, can you also add the gallon of 100% pasteurized Apple Juice? Does it matter what combination?
  8. MrWhy- Thanks for the positive info and easing my mind. New to brewing and making mistakes are a bummer, but glad it is most part forgiving...... I figured it wouldn't change much, but as you said will have less ABV. Looking forward to getting a taste of this!
  9. I just made first batch of Voodoo......and screwed up. I added to much water to the wort in the LBK. It is over the LBK 2 gal mark by about half inch. Don't ask me how, but I did. Is this going to be a big bust? I know it will probably foam up through the lid during fermentation.
  10. Good explanation Nickfixit. Makes sense to me. Maybe when I get more "experienced" I will try that, but for now I am ok with a little haze :). But if I do decide to Cold Crash, I would just move my LBK gently to fridge for it (typically 3 days in fridge)?
  11. New to brewing- Confused.....as normal. Cold-crash after fermenting? In recipe I found from Josh, it didn't say to do this. So if I make this, do I "Cold crash" for 3 days then bottle and remove from drive for condition? Bottle then "Cold crash", then condition? Or do as other recipes, bottle and condition, then refrige for at least 3 days and drink?
  12. Sweet, sounds good and thanks for the info. since first time with the new recipe, I made it as directed. I may try the added juice next time if needed, but I think this batch comes with an extra bottle (qty 3) for extra flavor I read somewhere. Thank for both your inputs!
  13. wvu1989 i just got the Glacial Gold Hopped Cider and interested in doing the apple juice substitution. i am new to brewing and was curious what I need to do? This is my first time trying a cider recipe, but I want to make sure I get the full taste.
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