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  1. I appreciate the advice from everyone. I don't feel ready for a partial mash as this will be my third brew. My main reason for adding honey was more fermentables, the dryness is a bonus. I think I will try the recipe Creeps suggested; CAL, pale LME, 1 cup of honey (I like a drier beer), and I may try saaz to see if I can replicate a pilsner. I have used the 05 yeast for my Oktoberfest and liked the result. Kolsch has become my favorite summer beer style so I will be trying to brew one of those in the February/March timeframe.
  2. Okay brewmasters, looking for a little advice. I have CAL, Canadian Blonde, and American Lager refills. I also have a golden LME and a pale LME. I also have a few packs of safale 05. Planning my third batch, I want to tinker a little. Thinking the CAL, golden LME, and a half cup of local honey with the safale 05. 3-4-6 for the timeline should have it ready for mid-March. Would like your thoughts on my plan as well as the expected flavor profile.
  3. RickBeer was right, not that I doubted. I got impatient and tried one after 4 weeks conditioning. A little sweet, but not bad. Hopefully the sweetness will subside with time.
  4. This may have been covered previously, but I haven't seen it. The people at Bull City Homebrew recommended corn sugar for bottle priming. They said it affects the flavor less and is less likely to lead to bottle bombs than table sugar. Cost-wise, it is comparable to table sugar and considerably less than carb drops. Any advice from the seasoned brewers on here will be appreciated. Are the dosing requirements similar for corn sugar and table sugar?
  5. Well waiting on this batch was not a problem. One week into fermentation my assistant bottler, also known as my bride, came down with a bad cold that she was kind enough to share. This batch spent 5 weeks in the lbk. We bottled last Saturday. I took a shot size sample and must admit it had a very pleasant flavor, just flat. So it will bottle condition for 3 more weeks from this coming Saturday before getting a couple of days in the fridge prior to sampling. I look forward to trying the finished product. May have to rename it Thanksgivingfest. Another positive note. I finally went by my lhbs to check out their setup. They were very helpful, even offering to consult on recipes once I start doctoring the refills. I was very pleased with the experience, especially based on posts indicating a snobbish attitude that is prevalent against Mr. Beer users in the larger home brew community. Cudos to Bull City Homebrew.
  6. Since my first batch was not a total disaster, I decided to brew a second batch. I used a can of Oktoberfest HME, one Smooth LME, and Safale 05 yeast. Placed it in the fermenter yesterday and marked the calendar for September 24 to bottle. That should have it ready for Halloween. I know I will miss Oktoberfest with my Oktoberfest, but it should make a nice late fall beer.
  7. I was afraid I had ruined this batch. I cold crashed for 5 days. Got busy and other things prevented me from getting back to it. Figured I would bottle it, besides, I was fully vested in it and figured I had nothing to lose. My main fear was that there may not be enough yeast left in suspension to carbonate. I used ~ 3/4 tsp of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, as per Mr. Beer directions. After 5 weeks, I realized a bottle had exploded. So much for not enough carbonation. I put a bottle in the fridge for about 3 days before sampling. The beer tasted slightly sweet, with a harsh bitter aftertaste. I waited 4 more weeks (9 total weeks of conditioning) before sampling another. The sweetness was gone and the harsh bitter aftertaste had mellowed. The beer has a nice creamy head that does not dissipate. The flavor is malty, with a good bitter bite at the end. I will enjoy these after the weather begins to cool this fall.
  8. So, after 22 days fermenting, I placed the LBK in the fridge to cold crash. Plan to bottle tomorrow or Thursday. Then let sit at least until September in the basement before sampling. I'm struggling with this patience thing. Probably put a batch of CAL in the LBK this weekend.
  9. I appreciate the suggestions. Took the towels off. Still a good amount of foam on top. I am cautiously optimistic about my first batch. I would love to learn more about cold crashing. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  10. Temp is 68-70F. Towels are to keep light out if the wife or daughter get happy with the basement lights. Usually pretty dark in this corner, but it is amazing how many lights they can turn on. lol
  11. Sorry. Uncovered with the towel. The screw on lid is secure.
  12. I got a Mr. Beer set several years ago and set it aside. Since I finished grad school I have decided I wanted to give it a try. I checked my refills and the oldest is a WCPA with best by date in 2012. The other three are 2013. I decided to order new refills so the quality will be on me and not an expired product. I started my first batch yesterday. Got the 2014 Autumn ESB in the LBK before supper and put it in a dark corner of the basement lightly wrapped with towels, leaving the top uncovered for venting. Checked it this morning and the head space of the LBK was over half full of foam. I am assuming this is a good sign. Plan to let it ferment for 3 weeks, then bottle condition at least 4 weeks. Wish me luck as this is my first endeavor. I plan to do an American Lager or CAL next for summer refreshment. If all goes well I may break out one of my expired refills and give it a whirl. I figure, its paid for, what have I got to lose?
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