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  1. Well, disregard I guess. I just read your post about cold crashing. Sounds like that's the answer. Again, thanks for all the info @RickBeer. Any other suggestions you feel I should know, I'd be happy to accept.
  2. Quick question on the trub at the bottom of my LBK. I know this is a good sign, as it means I'm making beer. However, when it comes to the bottling process which I'll be starting in a few days, is there issue if that gets into the bottles? If so, is there a good method of keeping it out of the bottles? Been doing some reading, but most of what I've found just explain what the trub is, or that its a good sign. Just not sure what to do with it now. Thanks.
  3. Ok great thank you so much. And thanks for the great articles you've shared. Lots of great advice out there. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, totally completely brand new to this beer brewing stuff...but having fun so far. I'm about 17 days into the fermentation process of my Diablo IPA batch in the LBK. Just went for a taste test. The beer that came out was pretty cloudy and there was a good amount of residue in the bottom of my glass. I could taste the flatness of the beer...it wasn't sweet, which means hopefully I'm on the right track. But I could also taste what I'm assuming is the yeast? Almost had a slightly carbonated taste which I'm assuming means its still fermenting. Sorry for the lack of description on this...just want it to be right. The cloudy issue...should that be a concern? Or am I freaking out over nothing? Thanks for the feedback...sorry for my newbie-ness. Hoping my first batch is kick ass...cuz I could see this hobby to be very addicting
  5. Ahh yes, the fridge. Definitely a priority. Thank you!
  6. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. One more question. You mentioned the 3-4-3 route. Would you mind elaborating? I know some of that is for bottling...but any helpful details would be appreciated. VERY excited about this...hard to not go way overboard and buy all the different flavors and accessories. Ha!
  7. Hey guys...so I literally started my first batch ever yesterday afternoon. I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and figured it was long overdue to get this started. I have the Diablo IPA now fermenting. Question though, I'm reading above that 62-64 degrees etc, is acceptable, if not better for fermenting? I ask, because I was purposefully keeping my LBK out of my basement to avoid those temps, keeping at the 74 degrees range. So would I be safe fermenting in my basement? During summer it averages 64-65. Sounds like that's a win?
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