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  1. Thank you both for your responses. I did toss it all out. I appreciate you answering my questions.
  2. It says 2013. Would the yeast still be good? I get this won't be a great batch. Just wanted to try and use it rather than toss it out
  3. A buddy of mine got a kit for x-mas, but had no plans for using it so he gave it to me. I needed a third keg anyway. However, this kit came with two smaller cans. One was cowboy, and the other something else. There was booster in the kit, but mice got into it over the winter. Since I have not seen the smaller cans before, I am not sure if the booster made up for the size and if I can still make a normal batch. They are about the size of a can of vegetables. Could find nothing online about Mr beer smaller size cans. Any advice would be appreciated. Wanted to make it this afternoon.
  4. I will make sure I do that next time. Do I need that the whole few weeks? Or just the first few days?
  5. Thanks for replying. I keep the cooler in my basement and a thermometer in it. It has stayed in the 68 to 70 degree range for the last few batches. I can't speak for at the moment of explosion though, but I have no reason to think it was any different. As for the fermentables, maybe that was it. It was one can of no sugar added strawberries. I had done the same with cherries in a previous batch, so used the same size can. I juat cleaned it up. It smells a bit of vinegar. Although I am not sure if that is normal at this point. I know after fermentation it should not.
  6. Hey everyone. Thursday I bottled two batches and put together a batch with pureed, canned strawberries. I always put my kegs in a cooler to maintain temperature. Somewhere between then and now, the top blew off my keg. The cooler stayed closed, but it hit hard enough to crack the thermometer I leave on the lid. Now, I did look around the web, and most people were told to just put the lid back on because they heard it happen and knew it was only a few minutes the beer was exposed. I have no idea when this happen, or how long the lid was off. The cooler is clean and sealed, but not sanitized. So two questions: Will my keg still be usable? I hope the explosion did not damage the threads on the cap. Is the beer worth trying to save? Given I have no idea if it was a day and a half or a few hours the cap was off. I did recap it. I need tog go clean all the foam out of the cooler if I should try and save it. Had it been out of a cooler, I would have just tossed it. Thanks you for your advice.
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for all the answers. I did run into another question today and since I am new, I did not want to start another topic. New people always start new topics! I've run into a temperature issue. My porter is in the keg, and I had it down stairs. Even with the AC it has been above 76 degrees. Usually 78. The basement is the same. The only room in the house cooler is our bedroom, which is at 65. Completely missing the 68-76 spot I have seen suggested. I guess the big question is this: Once I bottle and carbonate, I'd rather go cooler and have carbonation take longer, than go warmer and get off flavors. During the time in the keg, does the same hold true? How would you suggest I adjust the timing of each stage? Thank you.
  8. Also, I went to. My local brew shop and asked about lmes. They said they had no ideaidea what I talking about and they don't stock much MR. BEER but had a ton of other stuff they could sell me...
  9. I did the American Light that came with the kit. In the process of enjoying the first 2 bottles of that batch. Did the American Porter next but that won't be ready to bottle. For another week. I did 2 bottles with table sugar rather than Carbo drops for comparison and the first light was barely carbonated, but the table sugar one is fine. Next up I think is the Irish Stout. Want to play with it a bit, but was unsure about the lme. Sounds like it can improve a beer, but isn't paramount. I want to add complexity and price as I go along if that makes sense? Revisit old recipes with new technique as I learn.
  10. I am about to start my third batch and wanted to play around a bit. While the kits that don't include lme pouches seem to brew fine, all the recipes that add fruit or other spices call for them. I guess I am wondering what the result is in omitting the lme. Only because I am still a rookie and not looking to add another 12 bucks to my next batch as it will likely be a disaster anyway! I plan to use them in the future, but I am unsure what their necessity is in the process. Thanks for reading!
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