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  1. Maybe I will order the Diablo Pale Ale i don't think there is much simpler! Would adding a bag of any hops at end in a bag be bad? or keep it simple ? Some day hope to learn to make a Chimay Clone!!!
  2. I am waiting to bottle another week. I thought it was 2 weeks to ferment, But I am going to do the 3 weeks, one more week and then bottle. 5 weeks condition and 3 days in fridge. Patience seems to be the key! I am going to try an easy IPA with grains and hops right after bottling this one any suggestions???
  3. Thanks for all the help looking forward to making a bunch of small batches of hopefully tasty beer!
  4. I am going to bottle my first batch of Mr Beer tomorrow. I have the 750 o2 Pet Bottles. The recipe was Horses Ass First Question what is the difference between the regular pet bottles and the O2 barrier bottles? Becuase I am thinking about buying more so I can run another Batch. Second Question I saw someone on youtube Bottle his beer and he squeezed the bottle to remove the air is this correct way with the pet bottles? Third Question in a 750 ML Pet O2 bottle it says 2 conditioning tablets per bottle to carbonate. I have honey as my sugar in my batch, Is it ok to add a drop with the conditioning tablets to add flavor ? and do you condition every recipe at 68-76 degrees? Thanks for any help Norman Sands
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