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  1. I don't have one of them, so I can't help. But if you e-mail MRB customer service I'm sure they'll help you.
  2. I think that's the first one of their recipes I've seen that says to just dump the hop pellets in.
  3. Additionally, the recipe includes only two hop sacks. As written it requires three. With the flaked oats it needs three. Either way, this looks tasty and I've added it to my "to brew queue".
  4. Woohoo, congrat's! It's such a great feeling making that batch that makes you think "I CAN brew damned good beer in my kitchen."
  5. Like mentioned earlier I'd definitely go with the Willamette.
  6. In addition, some of my mistakes have gone into a batch of beer chili or chicken marinades. Then there's always cooking some bratwurst in them.
  7. I recommend adding it to each glass as you drink them. Start with a little, taste it, if it needs more add more. Or do what I'd do and turn them into boilermakers by just adding a whole shot.
  8. Proper temperature control during fermentation (which I learned about on this forum) was the single greatest factor that improved the quality of my beers.
  9. Plug it into QBrew and see what you'll get.
  10. I've noticed that too. I almost wanted to start answering people by posting links to the relevant topic on this forum. But if I did that I'd start getting waaaay to many notifications in FB.
  11. Four utensils go into my LBK for sanitizing: First, a silicone spatula. Second, a silicone whisk. Third, a can opener that has no sharp edges. Finally and potentially most dangerous, the kitchen shears I use to open the yeast packet and LME packets (If used). These are placed very carefully on top of the other utensils. The LBK sits in a spot where there is practically zero probability of it being jostled and absolutely zero probability of it being dropped. This method has served me faithfully through all my brews. But you should do what makes you most comfortable. Making home brew shouldn't be stressful, so if you want to sanitize your utensils outside of the LBK, you should do so.
  12. "Stole"? I don't think so. The first time I used the "send them to me" line was in regard to unbanded Cuban cigars about a decade ago. It's not exactly an original or hard line to come up with.
  13. Just send them all to me. I'll sample them and give you an estimated ABV based on experience. 😁
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