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  1. Shrike

    old beer

    Beer - even marginal beer - makes a good marinating liquid, especially when there are lots of spices in the marinade.
  2. I haven't had twang since I started fermenting on the cooler end of the yeast's range. But MRB is also saying that pitching extra yeast (if using the 5g Cooper's yeast) can eliminate it. All of these use 11g packets so twang shouldn't be an issue. They have them for 10% off through today so I ordered the NEIPA and Tricycle Red Ale and also got free shipping.
  3. MRB released six new recipes that use Cooper's UME and no HME.
  4. MRB has two new recipes, both featuring Kveik yeast. They complete fermenting in 3-4 days. They have limited quantities, so once the ingredients are gone so are the recipes.
  5. When faced with a choice to drive or not to drive to Vegas, I always err on the side of driving to Vegas. But I also make sure I have some extra bottles of water in the car. 😁 (I joke, but I did spend a few years stationed at Edwards AFB, CA, just a three hours' drive from Vegas...and I made that drive often.)
  6. It's 2021, you can simply identify as a woman and if they don't hire you call them misogynists and accuse them of a hate crime. Hurray for progress! 😏🙄 😊
  7. I wouldn't hesitate to contact their customer service and ask for what size replacement is needed. They should be able to tell you and might even be able to give you a source for them. MRB's customer service is great and they go the extra mile to help the customer.
  8. I'd go ahead and crash it. Unless you used Burlington yeast for your haze, as it can produce more diacytel then other ale yeasts and a rest is recommended for it. ETA: Nevermind, just saw that you used s-04.
  9. What are the dates on the Winter Dark Ales? And welcome back, Hoppy, always nice to see you check in.
  10. This. Proper fermentation temperature control was probably the single biggest factor in improving the quality of my brews. I do like bottling in 12oz. glass bottles. I usually use one 500ml PET bottle per batch, just so I can do a squeeze test to see if it's carbonated.
  11. Wow, I never would have guessed it was that much!
  12. Chromos is probably my favorite MRB lager recipe. My fourth batch of it is brewing right now. It's very smooth and balanced. As a side note: I live in the Deep South so only brew lagers during the winter when the temps drop. I ferment lagers usually at 54-55F. Once bottled, I store them in an old wine fridge I picked up a few years back; I set the temp set at 54F. I let them lager in there for three or four months before starting to drink them. If I had a basement I'd just put them down there. There have been times when I was overstocked on lagers and had to let a batch condition at room temperature, which reached as high as 73F. Although not ideal, I didn't notice any deterioration in the quality of the beer.
  13. Let it go without the booster. Booster adds ABV but doesn't affect the taste or mouthfeel. Yep, you can use it on another brew. I usually have about 10 packets of booster sitting around that I get with refill orders. I use them up by tossing one into a brew here and there. Each one adds approx. 0.65% ABV, so you can figure out how many you want to add by determining how strong you want your beer. For example I like my stouts around 4-5% and my IPAs around 6-7%, so I use up excess booster to try and hit those ranges.
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