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  1. I'd go ahead and crash it. Unless you used Burlington yeast for your haze, as it can produce more diacytel then other ale yeasts and a rest is recommended for it. ETA: Nevermind, just saw that you used s-04.
  2. What are the dates on the Winter Dark Ales? And welcome back, Hoppy, always nice to see you check in.
  3. This. Proper fermentation temperature control was probably the single biggest factor in improving the quality of my brews. I do like bottling in 12oz. glass bottles. I usually use one 500ml PET bottle per batch, just so I can do a squeeze test to see if it's carbonated.
  4. Wow, I never would have guessed it was that much!
  5. Chromos is probably my favorite MRB lager recipe. My fourth batch of it is brewing right now. It's very smooth and balanced. As a side note: I live in the Deep South so only brew lagers during the winter when the temps drop. I ferment lagers usually at 54-55F. Once bottled, I store them in an old wine fridge I picked up a few years back; I set the temp set at 54F. I let them lager in there for three or four months before starting to drink them. If I had a basement I'd just put them down there. There have been times when I was overstocked on lagers and had to let a batch condition at room temperature, which reached as high as 73F. Although not ideal, I didn't notice any deterioration in the quality of the beer.
  6. Let it go without the booster. Booster adds ABV but doesn't affect the taste or mouthfeel. Yep, you can use it on another brew. I usually have about 10 packets of booster sitting around that I get with refill orders. I use them up by tossing one into a brew here and there. Each one adds approx. 0.65% ABV, so you can figure out how many you want to add by determining how strong you want your beer. For example I like my stouts around 4-5% and my IPAs around 6-7%, so I use up excess booster to try and hit those ranges.
  7. The Chromos will be fine. It'll have slightly less ABV and a touch less body, but that's all. Yes, you can use the 2-row in other recipes. Seeing that you'll be doing the Sticky Wicket, that's where I'd use it, adding it to the other grains.
  8. I used them to make Lock/Stock Bourbon Stout with no "pre-soaking" and it turned out great.
  9. It's odd they included them as the recipe doesn't list them under the ingredients. It's up to you whether to use them or not. Each will add about 0.65% ABV. Personally, I wouldn't as the recipe as is is already 8.4% ABV.
  10. When I brew it I plan on adding it about an hour before bottling.
  11. If you do this, I look forward to reading about the process, the brew, and the end result.
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