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  1. If you do this, I look forward to reading about the process, the brew, and the end result.
  2. I saw that and was quite surprised. Mini on FB? NO WAY! 🙂
  3. When I brew I toss the expired ones into the water as it comes up to a boil. The boiling water kills them and they become nutrient for the yeast I actually pitch. Welcome to the forum!
  4. I'm thinking of using it instead of US-05 in a pale ale I'll be brewing in a few weeks. Anyone brew with it? Thoughts? Likes/dislikes? I did a search for it on here and most of the mentions of it are from seven-eight years ago.
  5. Got in a shipment from MRB yesterday, so revised my schedule: - Semi-SMASH - Flatiron Trail Ale - Crafty Bitch Zythos - Egocentric Jerk - Pint of Sunshine Belgian Ale - Hidden Lake Amber Ale - Santa Rita Pale Ale - Lucky Charms Stout
  6. Too much brown sugar can leave a flavor that some people describe as like black licorice. To my palate, it's quite unpleasant. I've never used more than 1 cup in a 2-gallon batch, so I don't know how much would be too much. The test will be in the taste. 🙂
  7. The Orange vodka has replaced the dried peel, which was part of the original recipe. You can do exactly what you're thinking with it.
  8. Two St. Pat's HMEs and a Robust LME will get you close to 8% ABV. You can add chex at the end of the boil. I'd start with a cup and adjust up or down in future batches based on how it tastes to you. You can use cocoa nibs and powdered peanut butter in the boil as well. The powdered sugar...well, I have no idea. I can't imagine much of the sugar flavor will make it past the yeast.
  9. After. I rarely cold crash, so when I do I just let the bottles sit for a few hours before wiping them down and slapping the labels on.
  10. Brew it. Best case scenario you get some tasty beer. Worst case scenario you've got a nice liquid to boil brats in.
  11. Please follow up on this one when you brew it, I'd like to read about it. ETA: if you want to contact MRB directly, here you go: https://www.mrbeer.com/contact/
  12. That's my favorite style of lager! 😜
  13. Happy almost anniversary, Big Sarge.
  14. He's going to get back with you...in seven years. 😄
  15. EDITED: It happened again and that's the smoking gun. The home page shows me not logged in. Refreshing does nothing. But if I click on a thread it opens up and I'm logged in. Weird.
  16. It's doing it again. I took a photo. No "Community Drain Pipe" sub-forum. None of the posts made in that section since yesterday show up in the right side bar. Weird
  17. Am I the only one that can't see it? ETA: nevermind, it re-appeared.
  18. According to Northern Brewer S-23 will still be good from 61F-66F. It just won't have as much of a "lager" character.
  19. One of the greatest changes to the JTR was the one that allowed alcohol to be considered against your PCS weight allowance instead of as a much more controlled separate shipment. When we left Germany in 2009 we shipped a couple dozen cases of beer, 20 bottles of whiskey, several bottles of German liqueur from Ettal, and about 80 bottles of wine. All that's left is a few of the wines. The beer disappeared quickly... 😜
  20. He'll answer you...in six months.
  21. I went through my share of Budwar when I was in Germany. Good stuff.
  22. Holy s*it, a Hoppy appearance!!!
  23. Why? I'm not the one looking for them. I was simply pointing out that your statement was wrong.
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