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  1. Brew it. Best case scenario you get some tasty beer. Worst case scenario you've got a nice liquid to boil brats in.
  2. Please follow up on this one when you brew it, I'd like to read about it. ETA: if you want to contact MRB directly, here you go: https://www.mrbeer.com/contact/
  3. That's my favorite style of lager! 😜
  4. Happy almost anniversary, Big Sarge.
  5. He's going to get back with you...in seven years. 😄
  6. EDITED: It happened again and that's the smoking gun. The home page shows me not logged in. Refreshing does nothing. But if I click on a thread it opens up and I'm logged in. Weird.
  7. It's doing it again. I took a photo. No "Community Drain Pipe" sub-forum. None of the posts made in that section since yesterday show up in the right side bar. Weird
  8. Am I the only one that can't see it? ETA: nevermind, it re-appeared.
  9. According to Northern Brewer S-23 will still be good from 61F-66F. It just won't have as much of a "lager" character.
  10. One of the greatest changes to the JTR was the one that allowed alcohol to be considered against your PCS weight allowance instead of as a much more controlled separate shipment. When we left Germany in 2009 we shipped a couple dozen cases of beer, 20 bottles of whiskey, several bottles of German liqueur from Ettal, and about 80 bottles of wine. All that's left is a few of the wines. The beer disappeared quickly... 😜
  11. He'll answer you...in six months.
  12. I went through my share of Budwar when I was in Germany. Good stuff.
  13. Holy s*it, a Hoppy appearance!!!
  14. Why? I'm not the one looking for them. I was simply pointing out that your statement was wrong.
  15. No, he said he hasn't seen them there.
  16. Weird; that's the only LP refill available on the MRB website. Either they do something different for Canada or someone stole or misplaced the carb drops.
  17. The MRB craft refills for those two HMEs come with carb drops but not booster. Their "regular" offerings (such as American Porter, St. Patrick's Stout, etc. ) do not come with carb drops. But the standard refill does come with booster and the deluxe refill comes with two packets of LME.
  18. I'd compare what BB&B has to the kits on the MRB site to make sure you're getting what you're looking for.
  19. I revised mine due to new recipes: - Cinnamon Dulce Stout - Pecan Porter - Thunder Bay IPA - Hidden Lake Amber Ale - Solstice Sipper ----Transition to lagers depending on house temps--- - Armstrong Dortmunder Export - Helles Bock - ChromosBeer - El Gordito enhanced ----Transition back to ales?--- - A Galaxy Far IPA - Black Beer'd Porter - Crafty Bitch TBD - WDA TBD
  20. Can't make it out too well but it looks normal to me.
  21. MRB has greatly revised a lot of their conditioning times to much shorter periods. IMNSHO it's simply an effort to appeal to newer brewers. I still condition my beers for the "old" times. And I don't ferment any ales (except for ones using Saison yeast) at a temp above 67F.
  22. I would take the old yeast and throw it in the boiling water. That'll kill the yeast. Then use the S-04 to ferment. The dead MRB yeast will serve as a nutrient.
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