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  1. I haven't forgotten about that one; I'll be brewing it up once the weather cools and I switch to making lagers.
  2. Honey adds a dry flavor, it doesn't give any kind of a "mead" character. I've made some.tasty.beers using the CAL as the base using booster, steeped/mashed grains, and a hop schedule. But @BDawg62's advice is good; get a couple of batches under your belt to get the process down before striking out on your own.
  3. Santa Rita Pale Ale Witch's Flight Lock, Stock Black Beer'd Sticky Wicket
  4. You need some type of sugar to boost ABV. There are quite a few options for this...but some have unexpected results on the flavor of your beer. - Booster: simple and effective. Doesn't affect flavor and mouth feel. - Plain sugar: will boost ABV and almost completely ferment out. But too much can leave a "hot" flavor...from what I've read. I've never added just plain ol' sugar. - Brown sugar: will boost ABV and add a molasses character to the brew. I do this sometimes with stouts and porters. - Honey: boosts ABV, but gives a "dry" character to the final beer. Does NOT add a honey flavor.
  5. Yep. And it's nice to be able to go out of town for a few days or a week or so and still be able to have a brew going. I used to have to delay brewing for an upcoming vacation. Stupid vacation, wreaking havoc with my pipeline! Then the Inkbird came to save the day. 😃
  6. Congrat's! My only regret about getting one is that I waited so long. 😊
  7. Welcome to the forum and the hobby! @gophers6is wise; let 'em be and let the yeast do all the work.
  8. Well, welcome back to the hobby! Mr. Beer has come a long way over the last few years. I also took a break, then started back up two years ago. The recipes available now - especially the partial mash ones - allow you to make some damned good brews.
  9. First off, welcome to the forum. Take a look at the bottom of the LBK (from the outside, of course. 🙂) Is there a thin layer of sediment there (known as "trub")? If so, your yeast are happily chugging away. I don't know how many batches you have under your belt, but yeast - being living creatures - can be unpredictable at times. Sometimes there's a raging froth of krausen, sometimes there's so little activity you start to wonder "Did I forget to pitch the yeast?" But trub doesn't lie.
  10. American Ale HME + 4oz carapils + 1 cup honey. That's a good starting point.
  11. What are you waiting for? Drink those tasty lagers!
  12. I love having #homebrewproblems. 😃
  14. I voted option 1 just to see if I'd be the only one.
  15. As soon as I tuck an LBK away I put a reminder in my phone so I don't forget to bottle it. 20 years ago I'd have had notes all over my desk instead.
  16. @MRB Tim, it looks like there might be another one.
  17. There was a glitch in the Matrix which caused an issue with my most recent order. I won't bore everyone with the details, but MRB resolved the issue in a much, much more than satisfactory way. I've said it before and I'll say it again, MRB's customer service is second to none.
  18. Here's a link to a partial mash recipe using the St. Pat's. Follow the instructions but substitute the crystal 60 for the other grains in step 2. It may seem more complex, but it's not really. And you can brew some great beers with just a bit of added grain.
  19. I enjoy it and still have about seven bottles on hand. I recommend trying one right at minimum conditioning time, then periodically afterwards so you can see how it develops. (Or just drink them all...it's quite tasty. ) I also recommend checking your final gravity to be sure fermentation is complete. I had some swollen PET bottles a few days after bottling and had to vent them all.
  20. As Rick said, I'd go with some Crystal 60*. Have you done partial mash brews before? If so, I'd start with steeping 4-6oz as a baseline and adjust up or down as needed based on the result. A Robust and/or Smooth LME would also add some flavor and richness. *Here's the description of Crystal 60 from MRB's website: "Crystall 60 is a widely used and versatile medium crystal malt that will contribute a rich sweetness, pleasant toasted bread notes, and a pronounced, full caramel flavor with a light reddish hue. Use 1-4 oz in numerous beer styles for enhanced body and foam stability as well as additional flavor and color."
  21. You can certainly do that. If you want to see the effect time has on hops, you could leave several out at room temperature and have them at one, two, and three months after you finish the rest.
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