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  1. I finally got this one in the LBK today. It's my first partial mash brew so I was a little apprehensive, but aside from a minor slippage which spilled about 1/4 cup of wort down the side of the LBK, things went smoothly. Now the LBK is in a cooler with a couple of bottles of ice, right at 65 degrees. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out...in mid-2017. Now I need to see what I can brew with the unused grain...
  2. One way to see a difference is to brew a batch without and then a batch with LME/DME. I did this a few months back, brewing the plain American Ale HME and then doing another batch but adding a Pale LME. I could taste the difference. The one with the added LME just had more character...what they call the body and mouth feel. It tasted more like a complete beer, if that makes any sense.
  3. Same here. Got the package delivered today and got the chips soaking immediately. So two weeks to soak, three weeks in the LBK, minimum of six months bottle conditioning...this is definitely a test of patience!
  4. (Did a search for this, couldn't find specific answers.) I just received the Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout kit in the mail. The grains are in 4oz packets but only 2oz of each are used in the recipe. How long can I store the unused portions in the fridge before they need to be tossed out?
  5. I'm in Southern Mississippi so feel your pain, MiniYoda. I used to just brew during the cooler times of the year but the brewing hobby has gotten more addicting so have stepped up to the cooler+ice bottles method of temp control.
  6. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm not a brewnewb, but with only about seven batches under my belt I am by no means seasoned either. I'm looking at picking this recipe up because it sounds so damned tasty. But to my inexperienced eyes it seems like a LOT of malt for the LBK. Should I assume that keeping the fermentation temperature at the recommended low end - 65 degrees - is critical in order to keep this from rabidly foaming out of the lid?
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