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  1. I've noticed that too. I almost wanted to start answering people by posting links to the relevant topic on this forum. But if I did that I'd start getting waaaay to many notifications in FB.
  2. Four utensils go into my LBK for sanitizing: First, a silicone spatula. Second, a silicone whisk. Third, a can opener that has no sharp edges. Finally and potentially most dangerous, the kitchen shears I use to open the yeast packet and LME packets (If used). These are placed very carefully on top of the other utensils. The LBK sits in a spot where there is practically zero probability of it being jostled and absolutely zero probability of it being dropped. This method has served me faithfully through all my brews. But you should do what makes you most comfortable. Making home brew shouldn't be stressful, so if you want to sanitize your utensils outside of the LBK, you should do so.
  3. "Stole"? I don't think so. The first time I used the "send them to me" line was in regard to unbanded Cuban cigars about a decade ago. It's not exactly an original or hard line to come up with.
  4. Just send them all to me. I'll sample them and give you an estimated ABV based on experience. 😁
  5. You have to ask yourself what you're trying to achieve and what if anything you're willing to alter in the taste of the final product. If you just want to add ABV, the MRB booster packs work great. But anything...yes, anything...with yeast-edible sugar in it will boost your ABV. But almost all of them will also affect the taste of your beer. For example, if you're brewing an IPA you probably don't want to add a bunch of brown sugar and honey to the wort for an ABV boost. Why? Because brewing a dry IPA with a slight licorice taste means the terrorists have won. 😜 You can add more malt in the form LME or DME...but the increase in malt may shift the balance of the beer away from the bitterness and hoppiness that define the IPA style. So hop additions may be desired in order to counter the added malt. So it comes down to why is booster not acceptable in your goal of boosting ABV?
  6. For a two gallon batch, whisking it vigorously before pitching the yeast is sufficient.
  7. The yeast are still going to tear through the sugars in the honey, regardless of whether it was added to the boil or pasteurized and added directly to the LBK.
  8. I turn and press again. Here's a tip for capping: put a wet dish towel on the counter where you'll be capping. It'll keep the bottles from trying to slide out from under the capper.
  9. 1/2 tsp is what I use for 12oz bottles.
  10. Shrike

    Adding honey

    Here's a post from last December in response to someone asking about increasing ABV. There are many ways to do it, such as using Booster (adds ABV, doesn't affect taste), adding Liquid or Dry Malt Extract (LME or DME), adding different varieties of sugars, and mashing grains (these last three methods will all affect the taste).
  11. Shrike

    Adding honey

    What are you trying to gain? There may be other options to achieve it...but without knowing what you want we can't provide much advice.
  12. Shrike

    Adding honey

    Add some ABV and dry it out a little. Honey does not make a beer have any honey flavor, it adds a dry character.
  13. Not here. Search is still not working properly, nor does trying to find some products through the menus. I went 20th Century-style today and phoned my order in.
  14. I'm still having issues trying to order. I can view my cart but there's no option to go to checkout.
  15. I did not care for the final result when I made it. Brown sugar can add a flavor that some people taste as licorice. If I were to brew it again I'd follow the instructions but only use 1/2 cup of light brown sugar.
  16. I was getting errors with trying to order on Monday. Used the online form to ask for help and got no response. As MRB customer service is usually on the ball I figured something was up.
  17. Seconded. And if nothing else you'll have a good liquid in which to boil bratwurst.
  18. Go three weeks fermenting, bottle, then four weeks carbonating at room temperature.
  19. Biloxi. You planning a road trip?
  20. Rick's new sobriquet should be "The Beer Detective". 😄
  21. Yep, you had yeast rafts. No need to apologize about all the questions. You're going through what everyone on here has gone through, an acute case of B.B.A.: Beginner Brewer Anxiety.
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