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  1. That sounds like you're referring to a diacetyl rest. Those are used for lagers and aren't necessary for ales.
  2. I find it clumps more in cold water. So I add it after sparging any mashed/steeped grains, before bringing the water up to a boil. It seems to take a lot less whisking to get it dissolved that way.
  3. Damn, did your birth certificate come with an expiration date?!? Nice to have you back on the forum, Hoppy!
  4. https://byo.com/article/australian-homebrew-techniques/
  5. I have a response all typed up but I'm going to wait until 2027 to post it. 🤑
  6. Hey!!! I take my liver pill first thing in the morning! 😜
  7. What these guys said. Try the CAL (Classic American Light). Then try it with a little extra stuff, like additional malt extract. Then again with some extra hops. Then again, but this time start with steeping or mashing some grains. Next thing you know you'll be a homebrew fanatic. You can make some great beers with MRB. I hope you stick around and try it.
  8. Those two are among my favorites.
  9. Each cube is 1/2 tsp. One cube in a 12oz bottle, two in a pint or 500ml bottle, three in a 740ml bottle. Cheaper than carb drops and just as easy to use.
  10. No foam is normal. You're just experiencing First-Time Brewer Anxiety...which we've all been through. 😉
  11. I've never brewed it, but I don't think it'll hurt it too much. It calls for a pretty short conditioning time. If it were me and I wanted to serve it to the guests, I'd put some in the fridge the morning of the 14th and try one in the evening on the 16th. If it tastes good to you, you're all set. If it's not ready, you can take the rest out of the fridge and let them condition some more and ask your guests how could they forget that THEY were supposed to bring beer?!?
  12. If I remember that correctly, they'd used old yeast and weren't sure if it was still viable. That's why I made sure to put "If you use good yeast, they're doing their job." I keep all of my MRB yeast packets in one ziploc bag in the fridge. About once a month or so I go through it and get rid of the old ones.
  13. Here's the description of red wheat flakes from the MRB site: "Flaked Wheat greatly increases body and head retention in most any beer. Use in small quantities to prevent haze. Use 1-4 oz in ales, 2-6 oz in wheat beers." When I started getting into PM brews I sat down and read the descriptions of every grain that MRB sells (along with all of their hops). If you've got the time, I recommend it. Pour a home brew and expand your knowledge of grains used in brewing. You'll start to see why certain grains are used with certain styles of beer. And even better, you'll start to think about crafting your own PMs using grains that'll compliment certain HMEs. That becomes helpful when you start having leftover grains from recipes that only use two ounces of a four ounce package of grain. Feel free to bookmark the recipe. Here's a link to the original post about it, and how I came up with its name, "Crafty Bitch".
  14. I've done 52 batches and never re-pitched. I've had a couple of batches where there was practically no sign of krausen and the only indication of activity was trub at the bottom of the LBK. I never pitched more yeast and each batch turned out fine. ETA: I imagine this is the genesis of RickBeer's Rule of STOP LOOKING! If you use good yeast, they're doing their job. The only thing peeking does is make the brewer worry.
  15. I had some leftover flaked red wheat along with some other lighter grains. I made this: - 2oz each 2-row, Munich, and red flaked wheat, mashed for 30 minutes. - Add Booster, bring to a boil. - 1/2 oz Chinook for 20 minutes. - 1/2 oz each Chinook and Citra for 10 minutes. - 1 CAL HME. - MRB yeast. - Dry hop with 1/2 oz Citra a week before bottling. I've made variations on it a few times using different hops. The wheat gives a nice, subtle tint to the beer and adds to head retention. Note that it is a bitter beer, but I like a good bitter. Next time I make it I may use a Pale LME instead of the Booster.
  16. Same here. I've had some pleasurable discoveries that way, too, like flaked red wheat and CAL make a good pairing.
  17. I "re-carb" beers quite often: thoroughly wash hands, unscrew cap, drop in two Domino's Dots, re-cap. If you're using regular sugar, sanitize whatever utensils you'll be using that will come into contact with the sugar or bottle.
  18. I always look the day after I start a new batch, using a flashlight.
  19. I use espresso-ground coffee and cold-steep it overnight. I add one shot to each bottle at bottling. To me the espresso grind gives a better coffee flavor.
  20. I have seven bottles left of Lock, Stock, & Bourbon Barrel Stout that I bottled 25 months ago. Those are my oldest.
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