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  1. Now there are 667 posts in the community help. Didn't want our brews cursed. And -25 for the next two weeks, awesome time for lagering.
  2. The way I like it anyway. For mexican and euro lager or canadian light or blond. I tried a canadabrew pilsner that way and it was way too strong, like Rickard's Red on roid's. I also fill the water up quite close to the top, leaving just enough space to not foam over, so it's a bit more watered down than a standard mr beer kit and fill to the line. And I dont' take ABV, I just leave it sit for 3 weeks and bottle, unless it's lagering then it may need longer, but the bubbles and smell tell all. And I don't feel like I get too drunk off of them, as the mex and lager come with 7 gram packs, but I'm guessing it'd be closer to 6%. I may pick up a hyrdometer the next time I'm downtown, but I wait longer anyway, because I did a bunch at a 2 week ferment, and the beer was nowhere near as clear, tasted fine, but nowhere near as clear, so I'm going to stick with a 3 week, and maybe more with the euro lagers. It's also nicer because I just pour out the can, and don't piss around scooping every last bit of it and spilling wort everywhere. So 1. It's cheaper, 2. It tastes better and 3. It's lazier. Worth a try one time, anyway. And if it comes with 11 grams of yeast, just don't pour it all in.
  3. I was wondering about the smell, and plan on unscrewing the bottles after a week or so. It wasn't a strong smell but enough to worry, hope I didn't screw the batch. Anyway, thanks, it was done fermenting for sure. How much better would it really taste if I brought down the temp 10F, or much dif at all?
  4. Now that it's winter, wanted to share some thoughts and hopefully get some pointers on how to improve. Just Lager since I plan to do a s-ton of them this winter. I fermented one of these in a cooler until the sulfur smell went away last summer and let sit 12 weeks in a bottle. BEST beer I've EVER tasted, ever. I've started making many more, so First: I do them in a heated attached garage, keeping a fairly consistent 65 degrees for a 3 week ferment (full can Coopers in LBK, no malts or sugars). But opening garage door causes temps to be more erratic this way, I'm wondering if this is hurting my beer, my fish Tk thermometer only goes down to 63, and I've seen it register a few times, so I'm guessing I'll be doing these 55-63 up and down. I know most say low 50's the better, but my first one was likely the same as this so I'm going to try this again. (It is 100% lager yeast I found, and the Mexican ones are 1/3rd lager mixed w/ 2/3 ale yeast) 2nd: The last one's I bottled still had a bit of sulfur smell, but no fermenting action, I've read where in time the yeast will eat up that sulfur smell in the bottle. I hope? I think I'll just leave ferment longer next time anyway. 3rd: Referring to 2nd point, I'm worried after 12 weeks my bottles will explode with normal amount of sugar the kit recommended, like with my other brands? The beer store guy wasn't worried, but with the others I did find the pressure more in the 13 week range than I did when I opened one at the 8 week range. My bottles are in the 60-70F range for the 12 week period so I worry a bit about this, I'll be testing one of them every couple weeks. 4th: Not necessarily lager qu, but additionally to my LBK's I started making a 5 gallon food grade pail (drilled in a tap and airlock) and did a second batch. Cleaned it well and then let sit in B-brite overnight, rinsed well but still had a hint of beer smell in it. Can anyone tell me if this is common with the large pails? Or shall I do another b-brite to it for a second night? My LBK's never had a lingering hint to them after I b-brite them for an hour or so, and I've never had a problem after 30 or 40 batch's with those. Anyway, just wanted some thoughts on a lager kit without getting too fancy simply because if I keep doing this right, I've found the perfect beer for me, the perfect way that I like it. Better than Saskatchewan Pilsner.
  5. I find it better to use a full can of Coopers (no matter what kind, as I do pilsner's, blonds, euro lagers, Mexican, beers that don't foam a lot and run over the top) into the LBK without any malts or sugars, and add a slight bit more water, just enough the beer doesn't ferment over the top. I tastes much better than Mr beer kit with added malt. And it's cheaper. More yeast in the Coopers can as well, so I never worry about hydrating it, just throw it in.
  6. I love those Coopers EU lager kits. Doing a bunch and it takes between 3-4 weeks. I start around 45 degrees and it sits in the garage up to around 65 degrees, now in winter. Not sure if I should keep colder but it seems to taste great so far.
  7. Makes sense. Thanks. I was thinking that with the mrbeer kits they only come with 4 grams of yeast when I usually use 7 gram packs with the coopers, and has less alcohol, but just threw a thought out there. Read a bit where freezing it after normal ferment (in a couple larger plastic bottles) upside down before bottling, the alcohol will not freeze and run to the bottom, bleed out (without exploding cap off) bottom and boil only that part at 174 for 20 mins-1/2 hr and pour the rest back into wort part. Supposed to keep flavor better than boiling it all. But I suppose if I bottle with sugar to carbonate, it would take more yeast and ultimately make more alcohol level. But I'm hoping it would still only be around 1% by doing that.
  8. Ah, yes. I guess I could use another container. But the question is would freezing to kill the yeast be better than boiling off the alcohol, and therefore flavor? I think I may just try with little to no yeast, to see if I can get a .7 or 1%, but could always just add the rest of the yeast to bring to normal and just drink it myself.
  9. I doubt it with the top off, and I've put in a stainless tap, so.... without regard for keg damage, if that would work fine and still bottle carbonate? Or would I need more yeast to carbonate?
  10. I was thinking about this because my wife is now pregnant, and she likes Cooper's Mexican, and found the temp to boil off alcohol is slightly less than 174. But, a thought: if I make it like the normal Mexican and just use far less yeast, say about 2 grams, then maybe freeze the LBK after a few days to kill the yeast, could I then bottle with the same amount of sugar to carbonate and have it come out at about 1% or less? Or would the beer be flat? Or just not freeze it because 2 grams of yeast would only make 1% anyway?
  11. And not a leafs fan? Surprising, now with Mathews that is sure to score 4 goals every single game ever.
  12. Weyburn for me, would like to find a place to buy the Mr Beer sanitizer. Guy in town here only has b-brite. But he does have cans of Coopers for $20, which I now just put one can of that in LBK instead of a Mr. Beer can + 1/2 bag of dry malt. Which was getting really good taste on the Czech Pils with enough dry malt. But now the Coopers Mexicans and euro lagers are my favorite. That and I just pour in the can without worrying about scooping every last bit out of it.
  13. Green painter's tape and a marker. I write MX, MX, MX... (ex: for Mexican)........ all the way around, then rip and paste on bottles after I pour them. Then I can just throw them all (I do 4 LBK's at once, different types) onto one shelf and just leave a piece of paper on that shelf with the '4 week' due date. Then later as I drink them, the painters tape easily comes off without anything sticking to the bottle. Just make sure the part of the bottle you put it on is dry.
  14. Started doing this as well, keep a 5 gallon pail in the garage not far from the beer fridge, and after pouring dip the bottle into a tub w/ water and a bit of unscented dishsoap to rinse out the trub.
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