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  1. @MiniYoda what do you brew? 2 gallon batches? 5 gallon batches? All extract? Partial or AG? Have you ever done a BIAB? How big is your kettle?

    1. MiniYoda


      a bit of both.  One week, two LBK's.  second week, another two LBK's.  Third week is a 5- gallon batch using Mr. Beer's big boy fermenter.  Look up "Tabitha" on the forum.  Then, cycle again with two LBK, two LBK, etc.  Every weekend it's bottle on a Friday and brew on a Saturday.


      For the most part, strict Mr. Beer recipes.  Have done a few partial mash, and did one Brewer's Best kit.  Never tried all grain.....gonna be a while if I do that.

      For the record, the brewery is about to close for the season.  As stated on the forum, I live on the upstairs apartment, and trying to keep the unit cold enough to keep the beer cold enough during the summer isn't easy.  Yes, there's ice bottles, but it isn't worth it.  I'll stop brewing in a few weeks, then pick back up in October. 

    2. Creeps McLane

      Creeps McLane

      So.... forgive me for prying but why do you have to shut down? Theres yeasts and styles that ferment above 65. My saison is at a steady 75 right now. Cant you just make a pale ale and throw some saison yeast in it? If it gets hot, great! If it stays pretty cool, great! Wheats, wits, and pretty much any belgian beer ferments warm. Brewing based on the season is half the fun. 

    3. MiniYoda


      I might brew a few, and I appreciate your advise on the saison.  There are a lot of things going on in my world right now.  The divorce, helping my landlord rebuild apartments, and a couple of other hobbies.  trying to keep the apartment around 68 will be expensive, and while I have plenty of ice bottles, it becomes a time event trying to keep the kegs chilled.  Also, I haven't had a free weekend in months, due to bottle two kegs on Friday and brew on Saturday.  I'd like to visit some local brewing restaurants and meet the brew meisters, do some studying on brewing techniques, and just enjoy the summer.  Again, I might brew a batch or two to keep the skills up, but I won't keep up the pace that I've been doing over the past fall/winter.  Thanks for the messages, and never think you are prying.  You are just chatting with me at the bar.  Cheers.

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