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  1. Christmas day I Cracked a couple Porter's and Long Play IPA's I made 9/16, they were absolutely delicious!! Out of each batch I make I set a six pack aside for special occasions that age for 8 months to a year. They do get better with age luckily my cellar stays cool all year long.
  2. I would have a back up......................just in case you happen to run out!!
  3. Put them in the Cross Face Chicken Wing and demand them to carry refills!!!! hahah
  4. Yes Hannaford Supermarkets zip 12019
  5. The stores in my zip don't actually carry inventory which is a huge bummer. 12019
  6. RIVER


    No booster this is straight up!
  7. RIVER


    Wait it's been 4 weeks not 3 weeks conditioning!!! My bad I have had one toooooo many!
  8. RIVER


    Yea I'm finding that out with certain basic recipes. I brewed the BAV also the same day as the stout. Tried that also last week.........uuuuuuugh it sucked! Tonight holy cripes even at my cellar temp In my old school Schiltz glass it is tasting awesome!!!!
  9. RIVER


    Well I bottled a stout on 2/25/17 and I tried one last Friday which was Conditioning 2 weeks. And I have to say it was a very zero carbed mess of a stout!! I also have to say that I only made this for peeps that hang at my cellar bar and regularly enjoy stouts...............I am not a fan! I cracked one tonight after bottling another Diablo IPA probably the fifth which everyone enjoys. I have to say even though I do not usually enjoy stouts and now after 3 weeks in the bottle and finally carbed this tastes pretty damn good! Gotta give it 3 weeks I suppose I have been trying at two weeks most suck 3-4-3 is defenately the way to go on all recipes for me so far.
  10. RIVER


    Hummer already did I wouldn't want to steal his thunder!!! haha
  11. RIVER


    MMMMMMMMMMM I love green olives!!!!
  12. Its like immediate release!!!!! hahahahaha
  13. New York brother oooooooh yeah!!!
  14. DAYUM!!! I slacked on this one...............Friday they had some.............today no mo!!!
  15. I tried this last night on my lame head but tasty Porter and it worked out wonderful.
  16. Ok I tried searching this first but it is time for me to find out. I bottled up my Rootbeer last night and after 24 hours some of the bottles are rock hard and bubbling like crazy. How long have ya'all waited before tossing in the frig to calm these suckers down? The little nips on the caps are already protruding! i also included a pic of a straight American porter I just cracked.........one word YUM! RIVER out!
  17. Well it's been a while since I have tried one of my Aztec's since I had a a couple bottles explode. Just stuck the rest in the frig for the last 5 days and cracked one tonight. They taste awesome but a bit over carbed!!! What do you think had a crazy long lasting never ending head!! Haha
  18. I'm basically tossing every thing but the LBK and caps. I'm gonna get a new spigot with my next order. Not sure I trust the old push spigot.
  19. Actually the date on the west coast pale ale is 7/2004 YUMMAY!!!
  20. For a whopping 4 bucks!!!! Unopened has a date on the bottom of the pale ale of 2007!?! Anyone think it's any good to brew the booster is as hard as a rock!! Hahahaha
  21. Just drink it fast that's what I do!!! hahaha
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