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  1. Thanks for the info. I didn't have too high hopes for the AL, although it will improve with age. I started with that just to get the sanitizing and other techniques down. BAA is in the bottle, and i've moved them into another room in the house with a little warmer temp. Next is the Porter standard refill. Followed by the 1776 Ale recipe i have. cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply RickBeer. The bottles are 750 ml. I added two carb drops per bottle. I'll try your suggestions re: temp and storing. Maybe i expected more buzz from this brew. I have Bewitched Amber Ale in the bottles for ten days. I will move them to room temp and update later.
  3. After a few years watching Craigtube brewing videos, i have taken the plunge. ordered MB American Lager kit. after very meticulous sanitizing of everything touching brew, in the LBK for three weeks, maintaining the temp. between 66 and 72 deg.F. Krausen at 2-3 days. three weeks in the bottle, maintaining 68-70 deg. F here in hot Georgia. Started putting the bottles once a day through the fridge and sampling after 24 hours. Have tried 5 of the bottles. With the exception of one bottle which was very tasty and well carbed, most taste like a beer flavored drink. No car- bonation and no alcohol. I don't have a hydrometer so i can't test the alcohol along the way, just 45 years of beer experience. as to the carbonation, no fizz and no upside down bubble storm. Any ideas?
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