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  1. Please be sure to let us know what worked. One never knows when one's lid might crack!
  2. Welcome Ironman. You've entered into the best hobby in the world!
  3. So the questions remains....what's up with the O2 barrier bottles? Worth the extra cost?
  4. 76shovel, Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that adds just a bit more water so that I can get the complete 16 bottles (of the 0.5L variety). My last bottle usually has a bit of "untipped LBK" portion. I just mark that bottle as "trub".
  5. I admit that I've been liking the 740 ml bottles. 16 bottles in a batch lets me spread the enjoyment over many months. Some of these batches, of course, 16 bottles is just not enough! So now you all raise a different question, long term conditioning! I've been using the standard bottles, as described above, are they not really adequate for conditioning for 12 months +? My first batch (one bottle left) is at about 14 months now. So far all have tasted better and better with each passing month.
  6. I need to buy some more bottles. Loving this hobby but the conditioning batches are accumulating; which is great. I've been using the 1/2 liter plastic bottles and they are working great but now I am wondering if there is a reason I should consider the 740 ml PET bottles, or even the Oxygen Barrier of the same size. I turn to you all to offer opinions and experience as to why I might consider one or the others. Thanks!
  7. Ohhh...I just bottled this one. While I know that it's not indicative, the ferment just before bottling was quite delicious. epete28, let's compare tastings in 2 or 3 months. All in all I'm planning this one as a summer drink.
  8. Hi zachdrescher. I'm a little confused about your initial post. Do you mean that you did the ferment, bottled, dropped the carb drops in, and then immediately refrigerated 8 of the bottles? And the 4 remaining bottles have been conditioning at room temp for 8 months? If so, the 4 bottles should be really excellent by now. I'd definitely NOT drop more sugar into them as they may explode later. Perhaps just refrigerate 3 days and enjoy, I'm not sure about your sugar quantities, others with more expertise will help with that.
  9. Thanks Creeps. I'd read the cold crash thread and saw a comment that more than five days ran an increased risk of infection, and was wondering how likely that is. Of course, I'd bottle it anyway and take my chances. As a side note, I should point out that the turkey was defrosted right next to the LBK in the fridge...yikes! (and PS, Creeps...Packers )
  10. I've been doing the RickBeer Cold Crash for my past few batches. I had planned to bottle the current batch last Sunday, and so I put the LBK in the fridge on Thursday. Well, with the holidays and such I didn't get to it. I plan to bottle now on Friday, which means that the LBK will have been in the fridge for 8 days. Is this too much? Will the yeast be too settled? Thanks for any help.
  11. I'll second what epete28 said; the American lager is one that definitely needs to age. Honestly, I'd put it away until the summer. It should then have developed a pleasant taste, and it's a hot weather beer anyway. And welcome to the best hobby in the world!!
  12. Excellent! It's always bugged me that I could not get into that bit to clean it. Now it shall be done!
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