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  1. Yeah Rokitman. Did you get to try a zombiefest yet?? I have some zombies bottle conditioning in my closet too. I was gunna let them go into deep October to finish, but someone posted earlier in this thread, like back in July, to drink these zombies young. I had some clumping too with the DME. It was the second time I used it and I was ready for the steam and clumping this time. Keep us posted on that recipie and how it turns out.
  2. That's good to know. I figured it would be alright, but I thought I should throw it on the forum and see what others think. slightly off topic, but, I visited a large brewery in San Francisco last week and they didn't have any of their grains refrigerated either. I would imagine the grains don't sit around too long anyway to get old in their brewery. They had what he called a "super sack" of Pilsen malt, weighing in at 2,200 lbs hanging from a steel rack. After seeing that, I didn't have the heart to say I'm a home brewer that sometimes uses 2, maybe 4 ounces of malt in my recipies.
  3. I'm brewing the American porter recipie tonight, with a robust LME. Right now I'm steeping 2oz of chocolate malt that I had left over from my stickey wicket oatmeal stout recipie. The thing is, I didn't refrigerate the left over grains that I'm using. They have been in the Mr beer bag inside a Tupperware container for more than a few months now. I'm hoping this won't be an issue. My LHBS has literally barrels of grains for sale by weight that aren't kept cold.
  4. What's going to happen now that I pitched 2 packs of yeast? Becides a solid fermentation. Is Anything going to be different with the final outcome of my beer? Is it going to be "yeasty" do I need to let the beer condition any longer to let the yeast finish up?
  5. I hate to admit it but I pulled a rookie move and didn't aerate the wert before I pitched the first time. Maybe that was my problem. Rick, I just lifted LBK out of fermentation chamber and there was trub. A lot. maybe I did jump the gun on that second pitch.
  6. Thanks for the input Rick and creeps. I got some foam ontop of the wert now after that second pitch. Looks like I'm in the clear now. I had a panic moment because usually after I pitch MRB yeast, I'll have activity within 24 hours. The LBK will be rippin foam and visible bubbles on the surface. The longest I've ever had to wait was probably 2 days for any kind of activity, and that's when I used a wyeast smack pack for a recipie. So three days without any signs made me nervous on this Beach babe blonde recipie.
  7. Yikes! I brewed this on wendsday evening and I've been checking the LBK each day and I've had no action. I checked again today and it was flat lined. The HME I used had a best before date of May 20th 2017. But I think the yeast may have already been dead. Or possibly the LBK was just too cold ( even though I pitched around 68 degrees) and the yeast never got started. I had a panic moment since it's been three days and no action so I decided to do a second pitch of dry yeast from an Oktoberfest HME that I didn't use that I had laying around. Hopefully this will jump start things in that LBK.
  8. I think I'm gunna try 1oz El Dorado for this addition, and a 15 min boil. Drop the sack in the LBK as usual for fermentation. I hear this recipie is similar to a bud light lime. It could use a nice hop addition for a little more mouth feel. Should be nice and ready by July.
  9. Hey guys. No im not dead. As many of you wished or just figured since I've been MIA for months. Im going to brew the Beach babe blonde recipie tonight, I'm gunna tweek it by adding 2oz of two-row, but I also wanna throw in some hops too. any suggestions?
  10. I like the sacrificial yeast idea. Although I have never done this, I will try it eventually. I read on the forum that you can make a starter for your yeast from expired yeast and/or extra yeast. Boil mineral water and add expired yeast, then you steep some grape nuts cereal in a hop sack. It makes a nice meal for the yeast that you are intending to pitch in your wort.
  11. I remember back in early October, the forum was saying that come Christmas and the holidays, there would be LOTS of new brewers with LOTS of questions. But damn! This is outrageous. People; take the time to read rickbeers signatures and you will have all your little questions answered there. For god sake, he just bumped threads from last year so all the new brewers can read and indulge in his great knowledge.
  12. Ha nice! I've been out of the clink for a couple weeks now. I got court on wendsday to decide if I get to return home or not. I got 2 empty LBKs there. That's the worst part. im going on a brewing rampage if I get to go back! Let's hope I can!
  13. I plan on brewing the sticky wicket aswell for my next batch. If I ever get to go back home. i would like to use a different yeast too. Maybe a smack pack.
  14. What's all this give- aways talk? I don't understand that language. I drink every drop of what I brew. Becides, I made it! I waited for it to ferment and condition. Who are you to indulge in the fruit of my labor?
  15. I'm just having fun with you. We don't see many female brewers on here, so you are very intriguing to all of us. Brew on girl! It's fun!
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