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  1. Definitely 3 weeks in the fermenter. Mine was a bit overcarbonated. It was a tasty brew and all gone quickly!
  2. Easy to tell Oxygen Barrier Bottles. They are much thicker and I find it easy to tell then apart.
  3. @where is @MrWhy? The mystery gets deeper. @Bonsai & Brew and @Creeps McLane I enjoyed observing the camaraderie you were having sharing samples, etc. I hope nothing happened to him. Maybe since you have a shipping address (or an email) you could write a letter or email and check in on him?
  4. Wow. I really hope he is all right. A shame the beer never arrived and it was nice of your guys to share.
  5. PS - @MRB Josh R I do enjoy the live streams and I do pick up more of the *why* for the various caveats on brewing, which helps my inquisitive mind!
  6. Thanks Josh! I was seeing pretty strong fermentation. I will take out of my temp controlled fridge which is in the mid 60s and temp controlling a hazy ipa batch.
  7. @MRB Josh RI am brewing the Mr Beer Wild Wheat Recipe. In the instructions it says to add the yeast from *both* the American Ale (Std Mr Beer Yeast) and Bavarian Wheat (wheat beer yeast). https://www.mrbeer.com/wild-wheat-recipe I have followed the recipe. Is it correct to add both yeasts? If not, and I have already added both yeasts, what temperature should I keep the fermenting LBK at? Thanks - PS this question was also presented on today's live twitch stream re brewing infections and how to handle. Just confirming what to do. Thanks!
  8. I also want to say I miss @MrWhy. I don’t think he has been on the boards this year. Anyone been in contact with him? I really enjoyed his enthusiasm for brewing.
  9. Tastes great - almost like all it needs is carbonation! I predict a great beer! Bottling was a little tough because fruit bits kept getting stuck in wand. Otherwise all good!
  10. @JdubI would like to cold crash my Tangerine IPA but . . . . It is in the 2G tall fermenter, not my LBK. I have a minfridge I can cold crash LBKs in but it is not large enough for the 2G tall fermenter. I could: - transfer from the 2G to a sanitized LBK using a bottling wand to reduce aeration and then cold crash; OR - use ice packs and artificial ice in a keg cooler jacket to try to cold crash the brew in the tall 2G fermenter. But I don't think I will be able to get temp down low enough; OR - not cold crash. I welcome thoughts on this and I think I will post elsewhere here and see what advice I get.
  11. Definitely we should do a virtual brew! I am figuring it should to be ready to try mid June or so!
  12. Thanks @Jdub. This is definitely the zest from the juice, zest and pulp I added today. There was no muslin sack for this. The two muslin sacks are hops from the day 1 and and then the dry hop addition from today. I put the dry hop addition in a muslin sack that had been placed in boiling water to sanitize. I just see that white foam stuff at the top and I hope that is yeast rafts or bubbles and not the start of a mold. This is 6 hours after adding the juice, zest and some pulp not in a muslin sack.
  13. @JdubThis is what I am looking at a few hours after adding the zest and juice (shot through the lid of the fermenter - not opening it).
  14. @JdubHow did your additions in the TH IPA go? My zest has gotten loose and left the containment of the muslin sack and is floating on top. I am seeing some white foam at the top which I am hoping are safale us-05 yeast rafts!
  15. Can I dry hop the second hop addition directly into the wort or is the muslin bag the way to go?
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