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  1. Any harm in adding lactic acid a few days early so it can spread around? Other recipes that use it like grapefruit gose from Mr Beer have you put it in a few weeks early.
  2. I am brewing the sunshine Mango Sour recipe. It says to add the lactic acid "right before bottling". That wouldn't seem to give it enough time to difuse in the fermenter among all the beer. I am thinking of adding it a day or two before bottling. Any suggestions?
  3. Definitely 3 weeks in the fermenter. Mine was a bit overcarbonated. It was a tasty brew and all gone quickly!
  4. Easy to tell Oxygen Barrier Bottles. They are much thicker and I find it easy to tell then apart.
  5. @where is @MrWhy? The mystery gets deeper. @Bonsai & Brew and @Creeps McLane I enjoyed observing the camaraderie you were having sharing samples, etc. I hope nothing happened to him. Maybe since you have a shipping address (or an email) you could write a letter or email and check in on him?
  6. Wow. I really hope he is all right. A shame the beer never arrived and it was nice of your guys to share.
  7. PS - @MRB Josh R I do enjoy the live streams and I do pick up more of the *why* for the various caveats on brewing, which helps my inquisitive mind!
  8. Thanks Josh! I was seeing pretty strong fermentation. I will take out of my temp controlled fridge which is in the mid 60s and temp controlling a hazy ipa batch.
  9. @MRB Josh RI am brewing the Mr Beer Wild Wheat Recipe. In the instructions it says to add the yeast from *both* the American Ale (Std Mr Beer Yeast) and Bavarian Wheat (wheat beer yeast). https://www.mrbeer.com/wild-wheat-recipe I have followed the recipe. Is it correct to add both yeasts? If not, and I have already added both yeasts, what temperature should I keep the fermenting LBK at? Thanks - PS this question was also presented on today's live twitch stream re brewing infections and how to handle. Just confirming what to do. Thanks!
  10. I also want to say I miss @MrWhy. I don’t think he has been on the boards this year. Anyone been in contact with him? I really enjoyed his enthusiasm for brewing.
  11. Tastes great - almost like all it needs is carbonation! I predict a great beer! Bottling was a little tough because fruit bits kept getting stuck in wand. Otherwise all good!
  12. @JdubI would like to cold crash my Tangerine IPA but . . . . It is in the 2G tall fermenter, not my LBK. I have a minfridge I can cold crash LBKs in but it is not large enough for the 2G tall fermenter. I could: - transfer from the 2G to a sanitized LBK using a bottling wand to reduce aeration and then cold crash; OR - use ice packs and artificial ice in a keg cooler jacket to try to cold crash the brew in the tall 2G fermenter. But I don't think I will be able to get temp down low enough; OR - not cold crash. I welcome thoughts on this and I think I will post elsewhere here and see what advice I get.
  13. Definitely we should do a virtual brew! I am figuring it should to be ready to try mid June or so!
  14. Thanks @Jdub. This is definitely the zest from the juice, zest and pulp I added today. There was no muslin sack for this. The two muslin sacks are hops from the day 1 and and then the dry hop addition from today. I put the dry hop addition in a muslin sack that had been placed in boiling water to sanitize. I just see that white foam stuff at the top and I hope that is yeast rafts or bubbles and not the start of a mold. This is 6 hours after adding the juice, zest and some pulp not in a muslin sack.
  15. @JdubThis is what I am looking at a few hours after adding the zest and juice (shot through the lid of the fermenter - not opening it).
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