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  1. Thanks Rick, I didn't know about disassembling the valve. I had been letting the wash do most of the cleaning. I did wipe it over good while draining the wash, but never disassembled. Actually, didn't know you could. Now, I guess I have been lucky as I hadn't had any problems the way I was cleaning, but that was just luck, I guess. Now I know better and can do better. Don't know much about the Oxi-clean as I haven't used it, but I might pick some up today when I am at the store.
  2. I use the Craftmeister Oxygen Brewery Wash that Mr Beer sells here. I use a scoop and a half in the LBK and then fill it to the top and let it sit for 15 minutes to half an hour. It cleans the barrel without needing any scrubbing and I just dump and rinse. First, I loosen the valve up and also open the valve so that the wash can clean those as it drains. Then dump, rinse, close up the valve and screw it back and good to go. Let the barrel sit upside down for a while to dry.
  3. It does sound good. I think I will try it later. Right now cant, got 5 barrels going right now so no room. And will run out of bottles. Going to have to wait till the end of the month before I start any more brews. And get some more bottles. I like the 12oz glass that mr beer sells. Just me, I guess, but beer in glass is better I think. I have to agree with you. Mr Beer is great now. Had just a little interest a few years ago and got a barrel and brewed up the beer that came with the kit. Came out good. But other than that, there wasn't much going on with mr beer back then. That was about..ohhhhh... 5 or 6 years ago I think. If I remember right, I had to do a partial boil then. But that was all I did as not long after we moved and I pitched the beer stuff or gave it away..dont know. But yea, for sure, mr beer is the place to learn to brew now or to just start brewing again. Only thing I haven't done is making any white lightning. Wish they would make it legal to make your own like they did beer and wine. But in the meantime I will stick with beer and making the occasional wine or mead batch. Right now got more of both of those than we will drink in the next couple of years. So they will bet some good ageing. Good luck on your brew. Hope it comes out like you hope.
  4. Never tried it. What is it like? Sounds good for sure.
  5. I like it........... Check out mine...Not as great as yours though.....wow...gonna have to come up with something. Good one though for sure.
  6. Here is my latest for the Angry Bovine Chocolate Stout. But since my wife didn't want the cacao nibs in it, I left them out so couldn't really call it a chocolate stout so reduced it to a milk stout. Well, you will see.
  7. Okay, will do. Have to do it later...been really busy today. Did try my Irish Stout brew tonite. Still very young and needs more conditioning...but yeowww...it is good.. Its going to be a good one come next month. This milk stout I am brewing now will be good as well. I hope. So far, haven't had any go bad on me. When I find that thread I will put this one on there and maybe some others that I have designed. I like doing drawings for them. This one I didn't, I was just trying out ideas and found the drawings in a file on my disk. Don't know who did them. They are good drawings though. Wish I could claim them.
  8. Glad you like it. As I said, I can post it in the Avery format and their software is free so its an easy way to print out labels because you can print to plain paper if you want. Anyway, enjoy and let me know if you have any ideas for others you might like to have printed up. I enjoy making these things, even drawing.
  9. I brewed the angry bovine recipe for the first time a week ago. Its still in the barrel and got two weeks yet before I bottle it. Figured I would design my own label for it. Then I got to thinking....always a dangerous thing, for me. And thought i would make a funny label for my latest brew. Here it is. And if you want, you can borrow it for your own bottles. If there is enough interest I can post it in an AVERY label format to make it easier for anyone to use it and/or make changes in it if they want. So here it is. The SINISTER BULL MILK STOUT. I think its funny, but opinions can vary. But I hope yall like it.
  10. One thing I am thinking is trying to make it a cream. Not sure though if I should try it using oats or if I should use corn. I like creamy texture/flavor as does the momma. Would like to surprise her with something maybe along those lines. No chocolate though, leastways strong. And she isn't fond of fruity beers. But if anyone has any suggestions, will be happy to try them. This one is strictly experimental so open to try anything. If it doesn't work or comes out bleuuuwwww..so be it. But heck, could come up with a new brew. Never know.
  11. Too true. Just had never had one start up THAT fast. It was fascinating watching it. Only thing worrying me was if it would overflow. But keeping the temp below 70 seemed to really help. With the two LME's in it I did really expect it to have a good chance of overflowing which is why I wanted to control the temp as I did, err...doing. Never brewed a milk stout before so am discovering I REALLY like the smell of it. Right now I have three barrels brewing and am going to start another one in a day or two. The new one I am really going to play mad scientist. I want to do a partial mash with some grains that I haven't used before. Got an American Light that I need to use and since light beer doesn't go well around our place, I need to bring it up to something that folks here will drink..hopefully. any thoughts anyone on what I might try with it?
  12. Wasn't worried about over oxygenating the wort, but rather if I didn't need to do it so much. It takes time to do it like I have been doing so if I was wasteing time by doing it so much. Yea, I know each batch can be different. That is why I love this hobby. That and the drink that is then available. I like playing the mad scientist.
  13. Thought I would post here the situ with the fast high krausen with the Safale S-04 Yeast with my Angry Bovine stout. Thought maybe the rest of the community would be interested. At least those that are following this thread. I started up my brew of Angry Bovine today, about 4 or 5 am. (I am a very early riser). (and late to bed as well) Anyway, after about 12 hours I noted that the fermentation of the brew had filled the barrel and though it wasn't foaming out, overflowing, it wasn't far from it. Then it reached high krausen shortly thereafter, at about 8 pm the same day that I started the brew. I was puzzled because I have used that type of yeast before and hadn't noticed such a fast high krausen being reached. A little background. Followed the recipe with the exception of leaving out the cacao nibs at the request of my wife. She wanted more of a straight milk stout without the intense chocolate flavor. Wo to keep peace in the family and to keep momma happy, I did as she asked. Another thing that I do with all my worts when I start them is make sure that they are highly oxygenated. When I placed the yeast in the barrel, there was a fair amount of foam from that process on top of the wort. Don't know if others here do the same, though I know its recommended to make sure that you oxygenate your wort. Perhaps I am going overboard a bit. Possible, but it doesn't seem affect anything except improve the fermentation. This time though it really speeded up the fermentation reaching high krausen. I know this type of yeast is supposed to be a fast fermenting type but having used it before I just hadn't noticed it being THAT fast. It is still bubbling away but the foam from it is at a normal level above the wort. The smell is wonderful for sure. Love it. And I have kept the temp and just under 70 degrees for this fermentation. Around 69.to 69.5 Any opinions anyone? This is why I enjoy brewing so much. You can do the same things every recipe and there is always something that can happen that will change a brew.and/or just puzzle a person. Mistakes happen, other things can happen. Makes this hobby so much fun.
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