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  1. Something that has confused me is this: when we say condition for 6 weeks, for example......... is that 6 weeks from the date of bottling? Or do you count 6 weeks after a 3 week carbonation period? It seems the terms get used together sometimes and separate other times.
  2. thanks all. josh, is the dextrose the same sugar used for carbonation? i have plenty of that. also at what stage would i add the dextrose and gypsum? i downloaded qbrew and am getting familiar with it. its helpul to plug in ingredients from published recipes, and then see what effects are caused by tweaking here and there.
  3. As my next batch, I want to build on the Dry River experience I've had. I enjoyed the brew, despite the issues I outlined in my previous post (Thanks to all for the input on that thread). I think I can try to address those issues and come up with an even better beer. I have some ideas on how to modify the recipe to achieve the results I'm looking for, but I really would appreciate some advice from experienced brewers in this forum. At this point I've brewed 7 batches with varying levels of satisfaction. Four of these have been partial mash recipes. Rather than trying a different recipe each brew (Which is what I have been doing), I'd like to return to one that I brewed and was happy with, in order to improve both my technique and the beer. As a recap, Dry River IPA recipe, as published: (2 gallon) 1 Long Play IPA Brewing Extract Flaked Rye (4 oz) 2-Row Brewers Malt(4 oz) Carapils Malt (2 oz.) Zythos Hops (.5 oz each): 20 minutes, 5 minutes, 0 minutes Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast Goal #1 More bitterness/hoppyness I'm thinking of including a 60 min hop addition for more bitterness and increasing the amounts of hops for the 20 minute addition. I was happy with the Zythos. So, I'm inclined to use Zythos for all stages of the boil. Is this a good idea? How much should I include? Should I mix in another hop variety? Goal #2 Head and mouthfeel My thought is to add a pack of LME Pale extract. Or, I guess adding some base and specialty malts? If I do this, do I need to balance out the "equation" by adding additional hops? Thanks in advance. Mongo
  4. Thanks Josh. My work schedule got a little crazy, so I left in in for 5 days. I'll keep that in mind for future. By conditioning I guess I meant carbonating. 19 days post bottling. I appreciate the input.
  5. Hi all. Just tasted my 3rd batch, Dry River IPA. It was my first partial mash recipe (2 row, carapils, rye flakes. With 3 zythos additions during boil). The brewing process went fine. Fermentation was robust and beautiful (couldn't help peeking). I tasted my first bottle today and it was just "ok." My two main issues are 1) zero head and 2) it was a little flat. Taste was decent (not as bitter as I like my IPAs, but I can adjust next time with more bittering hops), color is good, and it is definitely drinkable. I'm looking for a little help troubleshooting the two above issues. A summary of how I got to this point with the Dry River: Fermented for 17 days. Cold crashed for 5 days. Bottled in 16 oz. Flip Top Grolsch style bottles. My goal during batch prime was 2.0 CO2. Conditioned for 19 days. I refrigerated for 48 hours prior to drinking. As I'm getting to the end of this pint, I can say I really like it, but I would love it if I could fix these issues. Any help is appreciated. Mongo
  6. UPDATE: As I mentioned, the Surly Dog was my third batch. I've done three more since then (Dry River IPA, Churchill Nut Brown, Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout), Those are conditioning and/or fermenting). I just tried the Surly Dog, and it is awesome...... despite the mishaps mentioned in my original post. It is such a trip to drink it and think, "This tastes like good friggen beer." Super excited about this new hobby. Ferment - 20 days Cold Crash - 4 days Carb/condition - 31 days OG - 1.072 FG - 1.013 CO2 goal was 2.0 (batch prime)
  7. that sounds like something i could try. was this for the standard mrb 2 gallon batch?
  8. how did it turn out? same question..... im curious as i brewed a similar batch based on comments from this thread. i was really happy with the results.
  9. Hi all. a little background.... ive done 5 batches so far, 3 all extract and 2 partial mash. i followed josh r's advice from an older thread and tweaked the churchill recipe just a bit. was very pleased with the result. i plan on cooking up the sticky wicket tonight. i want to switch out the mrb dry yeast and try something else. any recommendations?
  10. For my third batch, I chose the Surly Dog IPA. Everything was going fine until I was pouring in the HME. The can lid was hanging by a thread from the can. Murphy's law kicked in. The lid fell into the steaming pot of soon to be wort. I plucked it out pretty quickly with a sanitized spatula. I finished up and it's now in the LBk. I guess my concern is this: is it even worth going through the 2 month process with this batch? What is the likelihood that it's ruined? Second issue. I measured the OG at 1.070, and the instructions indicate it should be at 1.080. Is this significant? I was really looking forward to getting this batch stowed away. Now I'm just stressing that it's a bust. Any thoughts? Mongo
  11. Hi all. this is my first post. I recently purchased a mr beer kit. my first batch is 1 week in the bottles. I'm having fun, I just put together my second batch and it's tucked away in a cool dark closet. I have been concerned about controlling the temp. we are having a crazy warm November in so cal . I try to keep the house a steady 68, which is a huge pain in the ass. I've seen mention of fermenter freezers on these boards. I think that would be ideal for me... just set the temp and let the yeast do its thing. my concern is: would it be safe/effective? my understanding is that the first stage fermentation is "aerobic" fermentation. ie, the batch needs air. aren't freezers air tight? would the beer ferment properly in a freezer? I've looked around the boards for an answer with negative results. apologies if this is an old topic. any help is greatly appreciated . MOngo
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