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  1. So the mad scientist in me took over and I decided to start this off with a cold steeped pale chocolate malt. It turned out to be nothing like I had p!aned, but a good beer nonetheless. I would put it as more of a porter, dark, roasty and very robust. Looking for my next recipe, might even stick to it.
  2. So I've decided I wanted to try to make a chocolate IPA. I have the basic kit for the Brew De Alezebub with an extra pack of hops and two ounces of cocoa nibs. Does anybody have any suggestions on the boil. I was thinking 5 minute with first set of hops, then 5 minutes with the second set of hops then stop the boil and put the cocoa nibs and the lme in. I don't want the chocolate to be overpowering just sort of an undertone.
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