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  1.  RickBeer,

       Thanks for the help, I'm a Newbie and  I didn't understand how I was getting in touch with you before. Hope I didn't do something wrong, and that  you understand.

      I'll have to do some reading and try to figure it all out. Us old timers have a hard time with this new stuff.

     Again Thanks, BIG-V

    1. RickBeer


      No problem.  The forum is great for sharing knowledge.  Asking it privately means no one else learns. :)

  2. What Beer has the shortest brewing time from start to drinking.

    1. RickBeer


      Please post questions on the forum.


      There is no such thing as a quick beer.  3 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks conditioning.  7 weeks.  Drink it sooner, it tastes poor and you quit the hobby.  Some take months to condition.  The Mr. Beer base refills (not Seasonal or Craft) will be done in the 7 week period.

    2. Vernon C Smith

      Vernon C Smith

      Vernon 002.JPGThank you ,because some of the kits say ready in 3 weeks, and I though that was to quick. Thanks four your help.


    3. Vernon C Smith

      Vernon C Smith

      My bottles call for a 1/2 Carbonation Drop, what's the easiest way to cut them without crushing them?

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