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  1. Thank you very much Rick. I will be sending the info shortly. Scott.
  2. Hello Mr. Beer Community I got started last year at Christmas with Mr. Beer and successfully brewed 2 batches, but now my lid has vanished. Gone. Disappeared. I've looked everywhere for that damn thing. I looked on the Mr. beer site and I can indeed order a new one but they want $30 to ship a small plastic lid! Does anyone have a lid that they would sell to me, maybe you don't use the Mr. beer keg anymore or something? Barring that, does anyone know what I could do as an alternative? Thanks! Scott
  3. Hello everyone. I received the Mr. Beer premium kit for Christmas today and I am so damn excited! I haven't been this much like a kid at Christmas for ages. My kit contains the Aztec Mexican Cerveza and the Bohemian Czech Pilsner cans. I hereby agree to follow the directions to the letter and not mess with anything during the process of brewing my first batch. I will also not rush so that I can be sure everything goes as it should. This is going to be fun! Hello from Toronto Canada. Scott.
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