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  1. Thanks Stroomer for the BLUF answer.
  2. When doing a hops schedule, do you boil the hops before adding LME or DME or is ok to boil the LME/DME during the hops schedule?
  3. It was just a very slight, subtle hint and went away somewhat as we drank it.
  4. My basement has been a consistent 67-68F. I've got a wall thermometer and a thermometer on the link and both have read consistent.
  5. Long Play IPA. Went by the instructions with the exception of 4 weeks vs 3 bottle conditioning. I refrigerated it for 24 hours and popped the first bottle with my neighbor. Initial taste...dry, with just a slight slight hint of a cidery taste. Neighbor was liking it more as it warmed. Not the IPA I'm use to, but it's beer. I took it out of the frig to get the cider taste out of it (is this ok?). It's been a week and I may pop a bottle in the frig tonight for tomorrow. I've been reading posts, taking notes on what to do on my next batch (tilt LBK, cold crash, 4 weeks bottle conditioning, 12oz bottling, Domino dots...) So on to my next batch. Brew de Ale ze Bub recipe looked to meet my curiosity of bumping up the ABV and IBU while still going by a specific recipe. My only regret is not allowing the hops to boil longer because at this point, I'm going to concentrate more on a hoppy, high IBU IPA. Next weekend will be 3 weeks fermenting so I will cold crash on Friday prior to the bottling. I'm looking at the next recipe and really want to kick it up a bit with hops and IBU. I MADE BEER!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the advice! Yep, I may just do the basic recipe first. Don't want to get into anything complicated yet.
  7. Lots of information here for a newbie to digest. So I'm thinking about making a batch of Diablo IPA (I have the basic 2 gallon brew kit), but would like to kick the IBU over 80 and raise the ABV a bit too. I love a good IPA with flavor and bitterness. Any suggestions?
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