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  1. Hehehe ! Had to dump the brew and trash the LBK... Rookie mistake :-(
  2. Thank you sir! That is exactly what I have. Time to clean well and start over. I guess that I learned a good lesson. Shame I ruined my first wheat beer. Should I just replace the LBK? I have 2 so I can still brew.
  3. Tastes like beer...so I will try a cold crash.
  4. Lbk was clean..star sanitized. Kept in my pantry in texas, around 72°. Left in keg 5-6 weeks. I am a newbie, 5 batches with no issues. I have never cold crashed.
  5. Was out of town and my beer sat in the keg an extra 2 weeks. Five weeks total. First try with Weissbier. I have stuff floating in the keg and am hesitant to bottle. The pic shows bluish but it is more like brown and tan. Please help!
  6. I guess to clarify is this a Booster or LME...or can you use the Booster and add LME? I have the correct LME for my next 3 brews but several are Deluxe and came with the Booster. Is the Booster DME? I am confused...
  7. As a newbie (2 batches) I have noticed that some refills come with a Booster and some don't. I have purchased some refills and one of each LME. Should I add an LME to a refill that contains a Booster? I think that I understand LME but not Booster. Can someone clarify? By the way my American Porter and Long Play IPA came out great!
  8. As a newbie, after reading all the comments about staying basic, I would like help with LME. My first two batches are fermenting, a long IPA and American porter. I have ordered Oktoberfest, Irish stout and Bavarian wheat. I have also ordered the following LME soft packs; smooth, golden, pale and robust. Which of these LME packs would work best with the refills I have ordered?
  9. ... only due to the camera flash... so I will take photos to work out the liquid levels..
  10. The point is the levels are easily seen through the "original" keg and are not able to be seen at all through the "new" keg. If you are working with something where the levels are important then you should be able to see them without special lighting. There is nothing in the instructions about having to use a flashlight in order to brew. The original is transparent and the new keg is opaque. They are not the same.
  11. My original keg is an Amber color that is dark enough to protect but light enough to easily see my liquid levels. The newer keg is way to dark and like you an overhead light does not help. I believe the newer keg I received has been poorly manufactured as the color is not consistent. Pouring hot liquids while holding a flashlight in the opening is not terribly safe.
  12. Has anyone had an issue with the newer LBK? I purchased a second keg and as I sanitized it I noticed how much darker it was than the original. I cannot even see the liquid level. I contacted Renee and apparently she does not see this as a problem. Have you ever tried pouring into a keg while holding a flashlight? It appears to be poor quality control with no remedy from customer service.
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