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  1. Oh man!!! What have I gotten myself in to???? Do I cancel the master bathroom remodel and divert the money to building the new brew and bottling room???
  2. Of course, the real fix is to have more friends who enjoy drinking your home brews quicker!
  3. Thanks Dale! Let's compare notes when we have our first pour!
  4. Thanks Stroomer420! Very helpful--and reassuring!
  5. So.....I bottled my first batch today. And I'm reading the forum. Thanks for all the information. A few newbie questions: 1. There was some sediment in the bottom of the keg. Normal? 2. When I put the bottles in the fridge (after 4 weeks) do the bottles need to stand up or ok to lay on their side? 3. How long will the beer last in the fridge? Is there a recommendation? 4. When should I start my next batch? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new too. Just made my first batch yesterday. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. Thanks for being available!
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