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  1. I had a batch do something similar. I was sure I had an infection and it was spoiled. Bottled it anyway and it has turned out to be one of my best brews. Did this show up right after you dry hopped by any chance?
  2. Welcome! I agree on the bottling wand. Went two years without one and am wishing it would have been my first equipment purchase. Looks like you are on track otherwise. Prepare for your first batch to be underwhelming and to just keep aging it if you aren’t happy at first. Cheers! 🍺
  3. Very true. As I was doing hop additions I wasn’t concerned about changing the hme Hop profile. My main reason for adding with ten minutes left in the boil is to avoid the dreaded “twang”. So far it has been working. May just be my perception though.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Basically have been tinkering with a base recipe for a few batches until I finally got it the way I liked it. Inspired by the Brulosophy podcast on roasted barley.
  5. Okay guys, gonna share a recipe I made. Turned out very good if I must say so myself. Partial mash using BAA. I did 5 gallons. Here is the recipe for a 2.5 gallon batch: 300g pale malt 125g 60L crystal 125g 20L crystal 250g flaked oats 80g roasted barley 30g black patent 30g chocolate malt 60g light chocolate malt 125g wheat malt mash 156deg F/60 min. 0.5oz Columbus@60min 0.5oz cascade@30 min add Bewitched hme with 10 min left in boil 0.5 oz cascade at flameout ferment with MrB ale yeast Turned out very well balanced and tasty. Aged two months it is creamy with a clean hop finish. Just enough roasty character. A very robust brown ale if not a porter. Cheers! g
  6. Very interested in the spruce tips. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out for you. Good luck!
  7. I vote swirl it and try it. You like, do it again! Cheers!
  8. Partial mash with plenty of fresh grains and hops as previously mentioned. The straIght up recipes are a good jumping off point and yet leave you wanting more. I’m guessing this is why mr. b offers many variations for brewers at all stages of this crazy ride. Happy brewing!
  9. I will get my co2 tank fillled and do my research beforehand. Thanks for the info gents.
  10. Has anyone added priming sugar to a keg and successfully carbed this way? I bought a bunch of homebrew stuff from a guy and ended up with a keg, picnic tap, co2 bottle and regulator. I have never kegged and had the idea to brew a batch and keg/ naturally carbonate for a party in July. Thanks!
  11. Looks awesome. If you can stomach the cal you will love your next brews!
  12. Maybe check your grain crush. I was initially going too fine and had some weird tastes consistently happening. New two roller mill corrected the issue. Don’t give up!
  13. To each their own. Brewers friend and seanterril.com are same result and they jive with my hydrometer reading as I verified after calibrating the refractometer. My main use is to know when fermentation has completed. I’m not concerned if I’m out slightly on abv.
  14. You actually can do final gravity accurately, you just need to use the refractometer calculators as mentioned. It saves me time (and beer!) and I find it much more convenient. I have no use for a hydrometer now that I have my refractometer. Especially nice for measuring gravity of first runnings or measuring after a few days of fermentation. Cheers.
  15. Welcome! The Refractometer has been an amazing tool for me. Make sure to use a refractometer calculator as found on brewersfriend or seanterrill.com. Good luck!
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