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  1. still active and welcome back
  2. Welcome to the new Addiction oooopppppsssss I mean Hobby
  3. I had to cheat I put an October fest in the Fridge she has been in limbo since March conditioning. Plus I want to see how she taste
  4. Dam I forgot I had a bottle from last run of my API IPA that for some reason I ran out to fill it completely think it was what was left and some trub the only area that was not beer was the triangle part of the bottle so that was all air. I popped it open tonight almost 2 weeks int he fridge and Dam it tasted great. just thought I would share
  5. I am getting ready to do that later today but my stock is getting low so need to orders some new supplies.
  6. Man after a week with my beer in the fridge I have to say Dam I think I made a killer beer. The color was just right, the taste was superb and the head held for a while. I know I never made the original API IPA recipe with the nugget hops. I do have to say with the Columbus hops in my mind it tasted great and was a great ending to my birthday day 7 740ml bottles later at 2 pint glasses each I am feeling great.
  7. Well my birthday beer is now in the fridge til Friday. My October fest looks lonely now so may tomorrow I will start my long play IPA for something to kill time
  8. Thank you , this week I started my rehab so will be going there 3 times a week to get me ready to go back to the Street as a Medic (maybe). Beer even tatse better and different after I quit smoking go figure hahahahaha.
  9. I knew I was going to be hooked after I did my first batch
  10. Well after playing around with the American Lager Refill and adding the Booster and Dark Brewmax with Columbus Hops, I took some to My Aunt's Yesterday for Easter and My Cousin's and Brothers liked it, My One Cousin even compared it to one of the IPA beers he brought and said mine actually tasted better. The Only thing that I noticed was not much head with the pours, They sat in the fridge for a few days before I took them and this batch I used the Sugar Cube's (wanted to try and see if the is a difference between them and the Drops that come with the kit). Anyway they still said it had great Taste and they were happy with it, One even said I should sell it ( I know I can't), I had a few more so I gave them to my Cop buddy across the Street and he texted my last night telling me how good my beer tasted and I gave him my last 2 today and he said same thing great taste just carbonation seemed to be on the lower side. This Batch Fermented for 4 weeks cause I was in the Hospital and I started all these batched before I ended up with Open heart surgery. Temps stayed Around 70 entire time while conditioning, The Only thing I can think of like mentioned before in past post was they did not Let it sit in the Fridge for a few days so the Carbonation did not rebuild in the bottle. I turn 43 this Week and Already Sampled the API IPA one I made minus the Nugget hops, I loved it so I am Keeping that one all to myself as my birthday beer, The Oktoberfest will not even bee touched until end of Summer, I have an Long IPA one I am thinking about doing soon but I need to get my bottles back from my buddy but by the time I am done with my IPA beer I will have have enough for this next Run. What I liked also about these Runs I cold Crashed them LBK's before bottling and I have noticed the difference from the first time I made beer so I know I will be using that process every time. thank you also for all the helpful tips in recent Post also.
  11. Pictures of the 2 Mad Scientist Beers Posted in the Drain Pipe
  12. I been trolling the boards but I am still alive and going thru my cardiac rehab, All my beer has been bottled My Octoberfest one I placed in a growler and and 7 bottles so that will be sitting for a while the other 2 will be ready in 2 weeks to try 1.
  13. Well my fermentation is done for my lbk's I just placed 2 of them in the fridge to cold crash and will bottle those 2 this weekend and let them condition. Thnk god for my son he lifted them for me since I can not lift anything over 8lbs for 2 months. Least this gives me something to do while being bored at home and funds will be very tight so making beer will be on hold for a while since no income will be coming in from my part time jobs for close to 4 month. if this is not allowed I will remove the link but a co worker and my wife made this site for some help. sine we used alot of our emergency back up funds to save our house from foreclosure. https://www.gofundme.com/emergency-funds-and-monthly-bills
  14. Home and on the long road to recovery.
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