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  1. What are you doing when you taste test? I mean it sounds like that's when things are occurring. How are you cleaning your spigot after you get the sample?
  2. Rick's about to tell you to read the link about cold crashing in his signature Not 100% sure on the actual mechanisms involved, but it lets you get a much clearer beer. Propping up the keg (another link) helps you settle the trub further away from the spigot, (I get the mechanism here! It's just angles at work!) again making clearer beer easier.
  3. I've had some pretty okay results from NB/Midwest Supplies (they seem to be basically the same company) - there's actually a basic English brown ale kit fermenting right now. The biggest problem is you'd need to split it into two kegs (or I guess you could accept leaving your ingredients opened and half used...)
  4. It came out to around 1.029 after three weeks. I tasted a bit of the hydrometer sample. Not sure how much effect the Lagavulin had at that point, but it's definitely an imperial stout! Now I just have to wait 6 to 12 months. Oh well, plenty of shorter conditioning beers to brew in the meantime.
  5. yawgeh


    OBW and the brush should do just fine to wash, provided it's not like a copper wire brush or anything. Just be sure you re-sanitize on bottling day.
  6. As others said, a hydrometer is not super necessary as Mr Beer its are made so that you should accomplish it well (especially the non partial mash ones), but it's pretty fun to know just a little more!
  7. It's fermenting away quite merrily and I have easily the thickest krausen I've had from a Mr Beer kit. Feeling pretty good about having learned the trick of turning the lid back about a quarter turn to let more CO2 out, there's likely a lot being made.
  8. I figured out my confusion - it's not a byproduct of the yeast itself but of the process to create the yeast extract that is used as a food additive. So it doesn't show up in beer, but you could perhaps make it with your trub (if you wanted to).
  9. This is what's going to kill me about the Lock Stock and Barrel that I'll be brewing tomorrow. ...I'll probably give in to the temptation to taste it on my birthday at only 3.5 months of conditioning...
  10. Isn't MSG a yeast by-product though? Or is that only some strains?
  11. I did something similar with some Diablo, only I used a little 2-row for some extra ABV and Falconer's Flight hops instead of Cascade and no incidents. Bottled it today, the little bit I tasted was delightful, though flat.
  12. Wish I had the cash, but I just had to do some computer repair and the repair turned into an upgrade.
  13. Definitely, or else I wouldn't be able to find extracts for sale in Bed Bath and Beyond and Target here in Pennsylvania! You can bet the PLCB would have been all over that if they thought they could.
  14. I'm real excited to try this one once I get my LBK free of what's in it. Currently debating whether I want to take my chances with using Lagavulin and make this a smokey stout, or just pick up a new bottle of Booker's...
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