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  1. has anyone ever used Yeast nutrient or Yeast Energizer in there brew? not the simple brew refills but the brews like Rapturous Raspberry which I currently have in my 2cd keg or my future brews El Gordito Mexican Lager,Calavera Spiced Chile Stout. I am new to beer brewing but a novice at wine making and I use both Yeast foods with 90% of my wines

  2. Now I know there are loads of useful info in these forums and I have read alot of useful info but I got tired of trying to find a answer so I will just ask here to get it answered.


    This past Monday I started a  Aztec Mexican Cerveza it was part of my kit did everything that we are suposed to do sanitize everything and I use spring water pitched my yeast that came with the can the next day had plenty of movement going on and then Thursday i go to check on it and there isnt anything going on nothing moving everything settled to the bottom no bubbles on top I have left it alone as I have read in this forum to let it go for 3 weeks but im afraid that if I let it go for that long with nothing happening that it will spoil. Should I put some yeast energizer in it to make the yeast active again? or should I mix it up as its pretty clear looking. also the temp has ranged from 60 to 65F 

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