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  1. Yes, it gives me a bit of a sample when I have lost my patience waiting. Never had one blow but I set them inside mason jars in the cabinet just in case I need some containment.
  2. When I empty a 740 ml PET bottle I immediately put a drop of dish soap in it, fill 2/3with warm water, agitate the hell out it, repeat twice with no soap. Dry upside down. Sanitize before use. I use clear plastic 20 oz soda bottles as trub bottles. I carb/condition and store them in a dark cupboard in the basement until such time I sample them.
  3. I've used and reused the PET bottles and same caps for over two years now and only had two not firm up. I might have missed them or just miscounted my dots. Adding a couple dots and waiting a few more weeks firmed them up nicely. Not sure if the oxygen barrier bottles are the trick or not but I think over 90% of my bottles are the Oxy barrier type.
  4. I try t hold my imperial stouts a year, well, I try. I do have some that are at 13-14 months now. A twist on this. How long if they are refrigerated? Do cold IPAs still fade as fast? Would imperial stouts ever go bad as long as they don't go flat?
  5. As I read it Mr. Beer says it would be 4 dots to 750 ml. I dropped back to 3 dots because I was getting a 1/2 glass of head in most of my beers. It seems to work for me. I will try one at 2 dots this winter. On the other hand my heavy high ABV stouts always seem to be low carbonation brews. As long as the plastic bottles are firm I figure it's good.
  6. I used to putt around on the Shovel-Head chewing on mid level cigars. Kept setting my face on fire so I quit.
  7. "Patience is required in this hobby." I think it took me nearly a year to figure that out. 🤣 Most of what I mix up these days takes 4-8 months of conditioning if not longer. I will still sneak in an early sample.
  8. It's that easy... if you own a hydrometer. Sometimes I wonder how I got this old. 🤣
  9. I really like how my last Chromosbeer came out so I fired up a 2nd batch. I may have goofed it up. After 2 weeks of cold fermentation at 55F I pulled it for the 3 day rest. I flubbed the calendar so this was a week earlier than I had planned and now my cold crashing fridge is tied up. The Chromosbeer has been at room temp of 65F for two days, I will cold crash it for 3 days tomorrow then bottle. OR should I put it back in at 55-56 and ferment another week then rest again? Yeah, If I used a hydrometer from the get-go I wouldn't be guessing.... oops.
  10. I've added brown sugar in a few dark stouts. It doesn't wreck the beer but yeah, it's puts a different edge on it. You may like it, you may not. gotta try it to know.
  11. I try to add just enough water to the 2G recipes to get 12 full 740ml bottles after fermentation. I always had booster in an attempt to get back to neighborhood of the advertised ABV . After 2 years of this I still don't own a hydrometer so it's just a WAG. I'm more focused on the taste anyhow.
  12. Had the trub bottle tonight. Pretty smooth and I can feel the alcohol content. At least I don't feel like I screwed up. It'll be interesting to see how this is in another month.
  13. Yeah there's no denying it's a self inflicted event. To compound the issue I shoot for 2.25 gallons in order to fill (12) 740ml bottles. This afternoon the flood seems to have receded. I just need to do another clean up.
  14. Will do, 8 hours since I posted, still foaming over.
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