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  1. I have a bunch of 500ml Hacker-Pschorr flip top bottles lying around. Has anyone used them for bottling before? Do they seal well? How often should I replace the seals? B.
  2. I am not sure what the "reputation" or "liking" thing is all about. Did I do something wrong? Yes, the 600W heater was to keep the room warm. LBK is elevated and about 5-6 feet away. Just today I ordered a timer and warming blanket so my next batch will be much better watched and controlled - especially during the high yeast activity. I am still hopeful the Long Play IPA turns out drinkable. B.
  3. According to MB's website the following yeast's have a 59-75f temp range: Safale S04 Safale US05 Safbrew S33 Safbrew T58 Safbrew WB06 I do not know the ideal temp but many of your recipes reflect a different range. I am currently looking for an ideal low temp yeast for most ales and ipa and am thinking of experimenting with Safale US05. Keep up the great work ... I cant wait to see it expanded with member recipes (using MB product of course) ... the recipe list to choose from will be impossible to choose from! B.
  4. Your the man Yoda - this spreadsheet is awesome!
  5. Dumb follow-up questions: 1) Do I just stick the probe somewhere on the LBK and plug in my adjacent 600W oil-filled heater? 2) Is there an ideal spot to place the probe? 3) Can tape be touching the probe or avoid touching it at all costs. B.
  6. I read on the DIY Coopers site that the yeast packing is Julian dated. My 1st package says "09016 B" My 2nd package says "Mr Beer 16816 5g Brewers Yeast" My 3rd package says "Mr. Beer 18015 IM 5g Brewers Yeast". Were these yeast packages made on Day 90 2016, Day 168 2016 and Day 180 2015 respectively? Does the "B" mean Brewers Yeast? What does the "IM" mean? How old of a yeast is too old? Do you think 18+ month old Mr. Beer 18015 IM 5g Brewers Yeast will still work? B.
  7. Yes Hoppy, the LED strips are on the way! Like I said, I've realized I need to up my game with respect to temperature control. I just did not think it was a big deal but I was wrong. I've gone from 10c/50f outside temps to -25/-13f and leaving the heater air vent open in the basement bathroom gives me too many changes in room temperature hence why I tried to control it with a little oil heater. I got the LBK Long Play IPA kit on sale for $40 CDN so the worse that can happen is I screwed up Batch #1. But I'll be ready and more confident for Batch #2! Thanks for your help! B.
  8. SWEET! This is exactly what I need. Thanks Nick!!!
  9. Thanks Dawg and Rick! I guess I need to do rig something more robust and accurate compared to my 600W oil-filled heater in the bathroom. I'm now a little worried about Batch #1 - Long Play IPA. ? But there's one thing that doesn't make sense. If US05 works great for low temperature fermenting, why would it make a difference for carbonation? The live yeast should be able to eat the bottling sugar no different than the extract sugars. I think I'll test this out if end up using US05 - bottle carbonate & bottle condition some bottles at 15c/59f and some other bottles at 21c/70f. I really appreciate your patience and help Nick, Rick and Dawg! I'm the type person who needs to know how things work and realized there is a lot much more to it than MB's 6 step process. Thanks again and back to the drawing board for me! B.
  10. How much hotter does the wort/LBK typically get compared to ambient? I may have lucked in because the first couple of days I struggled to get the room temperature to stay at 20c/68f. It ranged from 18c/64f to 20c/68f the first 48 hours. I have a laser thermometer but it's packed away in my trailer. I do have a sticker thermometer on the way from Amazon which will hopefully give me more accurate results later. But back to the yeast ... has anyone used these strains for my exact reason - that is to brew in a cold basement? All 3 strains (Safbrew S33, Safale S04 or Safale US05) advertise usage in the 15c-23c/59f-75f range so I thought this would be the answer. B.
  11. Long Play IPA is 1 week inn to fermenting and I am planning batch #2. My biggest problem to date is having to heat my basement bathroom to stay at or above 20c/68f. I currently have 3 refills: Canadian Blonde (bought only because I'm Canadian ? - actually the wife will likely prefer the bland taste ?),Northwest Pale Ale and Camilla's Folly. I'm a big fan of all pale ales (especially British), wheat/hefeweizen beers and IPAs. I do like a lager or pilsner once in awhile but will not buy any refills kits of this type. Question 1: What other yeast do you recommend for most ales, pale ales and IPAs so I can ferment at lower temperatures. My basement is usually is in the 15c-18c/59f-63f range. I understand that I should stick with MB yeast strain for their Weiss Beer. I was thinking of Safbrew S33, Safale S04 or Safale US05 all in the 15c-23c/59f-75f range. Question 2: If I ferment at the 15c-18c/59f-63f range, with a new yeast, can I also carbonate at these temperatures? Can I also bottle condition at these temperatures? Any input or experience with other yeast strains would be much appreciated. B
  12. Thanks for the extra options everyone. I'm already planning batch #2 and am looking for yo the improvements. B
  13. Thanks everyone for your help. I've been cramming a lot of information over the last 5 days and it's been all good. I appreciate the help. B
  14. So I bought a tub of Craft Meister Alkaline Brewery Wash thinking I could clean my keg and rinse my bottles just before bottling ... WRONG!!! I'm stuck buying the packets from MB's website but it will cost be a fortune to get it from the States. Can anyone recommend other brands of "no-rinse cleansers" so I can purchase get going on my second batch ASAP? B.
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