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  1. Thanks again. Looks like 3/4 tsp is the measure. My last batch using the standard plastics bottles from the LBK kit had some carbonation loss in some of the bottles. The brew itself was great.
  2. For my next batch of brew I want to use the 12 oz. bottles. The Mr. Beer carbonation drops are to much. What amount of sugar does one need, any special kind of sugar or a way to use the drops, that is the question.
  3. After 3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks bottled, I chilled a couple bottles of my first ever batch. It was an American Classic Light and was damn good a bit malty had a nice head and light golden in color. It will be a hit with my son who will like that I used the LBK Mr. Beer kit he got me for Christmas. Anybody else tried this?
  4. Well its been a little over 2 weeks of brewing in the LBK and its my first attempt at making beer. I took a taste test to see how it was enroute to bottling. It tasted like flat beer with a hint of cider or yeast. Can I let it go 1 more week?
  5. Thanks RickBeer, I leave the keg alone just use a flashlight to see what's happening. Is going to 3 weeks due to the warmer temp or the kind of beer?
  6. Well this is my first attempt at Brewing. My son bought me the Mr. Beer LBK and I've started with the American Ale. This is Day 4 and the krausen is about 1/2 inch thick and nice and cloudy almost looks like fine particles or tiny bubbles suspended below. Anyway the outside temp is 71/72 any reason to be concerned?
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