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  1. I have not bottled a saison before- this would be my first. I do have kegs would this be easier/cut down on possibility of a gusher?
  2. Hey all! The perfect brewing time is now in AZ where the ambient temps are below 90 without AC power which means room temps and fermentation temps are in the 70s without ice packs ( I do have fridge capabilities to lager/cellar it). With that in mind I'm looking to make a Winter Saison for next year. I've looked on a lot of homebrew websites but there's a lot of variance in grains used- also there aren't a lot of comments on how the brew turned out. I'm looking for a darker saison, and plan on using star anise, coriander and cloves (lightly- I want the yeast to do the talking). I plan on aging for 10 months minimum. I'm a slightly above novice HB, I've done about 20 brews with 5 being all grain. And I'm looking for a simple to semi complex grain bill. A few recipes I looked at had 8+ grain additions. NB sells a Saison de Noel with 3-4 grain additives- I'm looking for around that up to 6, also hops? People have listed Fuggles, Kent Goldings, Hallertau, Magnum and everything in between. Anybody have any success stories/recipes to share?
  3. Looks pretty awesome plus I have half the ingredients already....this may be the quickest I have ever decided in using a recipe. Many thanks!
  4. I bought a Baltic Porter Base and need some ideas of what to do with it. I have a coconut chocolate porter bottled currently, and have a PB chocolate porter set aside, and the american porter set aside for a coffee take on the nilla porter. Any ideas? I have about 15 brews under my belt (a mix of full extract, PM, and full grain). I'm totally open to the idea of buying grains. Any suggestions would be helpful!. (PS Yes I have already skimmed the forum for ideas, but shockingly baltic porter yields a lot of results). Thanks again!
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    First Beer!First beer finished (well kind of). Did a taste test to see how it would fare against Mr. Beer recs (4 wks in the fridge etc.) Tasted it after 3 weeks fermentation, 3 days cold crash, 4 weeks bottle conditioned and 1 week fridge. Tasted ok (not cidery, lightly carbonated, not great head retention). I am definitely excited to try it after 4 weeks in the fridge. Also on another post I say the chalk paint holds up for labeling, washes off with damp washcloth, rinse out the bottle, use sanitizer for next bottling. Cheers!
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    From the album: AZNHB

    2nd beer made. Beach Babe Blonde- nice up front floral notes, don't taste any lime. Give it a 3/5. Carbonation and head retention much better than my first beer.
  7. Chalkboard paint was a success. Stored the bottles in crates with chalkboard paint on front outside area- write in what's being stored.
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    From the album: AZNHB

  9. AZNHB


    From the album: AZNHB

  10. I recently saw this the other day, and am going to try it out. Instead of baking the bottles (especially the plastic ones ) I figured I would paint them after I bottle and cap them while they are carbonating (glass curing per paint label is 21 days). Will see how they hold up after beer is finished and you have wash bottles. http://www.boxbrewkits.com/blogs/news/115824516-diy-chalkboard-beer-bottle-labels
  11. Greetings Borg Members- Noob question.....I brewed the Czech Pilsner per instructions (no additives etc). and was wondering what the OG and FG should be? Not listed on refill instructions (although ABV is). Am I missing where it is listed and/or is this all the case for just the bare bones base malt recipes? Anyone know? Much thanks!
  12. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get egregiously different numbers!
  13. Thanks for the tip hotrod. Do you know how the OG/FG would change if at all if I didn't add booster but added another golden or smooth LME?
  14. I'm new to brewing, made my first pilsner following the recipe to a T, and am ready to bottle it here shortly. I got hooked after scouring all the forums and youtube, so I purchased a 2nd LBK to start red ale (specifically Rose's Rambling Red) which calls for an LME and booster pack. This may be a rather uninformed question, but how will these affect my specific gravity (both original and final), if at all? I'm wondering for future experimentations. A lot of forum topics are dedicated to whether or not to add a booster vs LME vs DME to change the flavor of a "base" recipe or raise the ABV. What numbers should I be looking for (besides taste test) to determine if fermentation is done?
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