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  1. one other question, should i order a specific yeast or will the yeast packet under the lid of the Cpils can be fine still?
  2. Should I add the golden with my four cups of water and bring that to a boil together and then add the chinnook hops and continue boiling for twenty minutes or do I boil the water first add the golden to the boiling water?
  3. Thanks. I can't wait to try it out. I ordered the 1776 Ale recipe/ingredients, just waiting for them to arrive.
  4. So this is what I have decided to try. The Cpils with the BrewMax LME SoftPack - Golden Hallertau Pellet Hops for aroma Chinook Pellet Hops to add bitterness. all recommended for pale ales. What do you guys think of this combo?
  5. Thanks guys I'm going to try the golden and check out their hops. I appreciate the help.
  6. Thanks MiniYoda. I'm going to look at them now. I think I'll go with the robust.
  7. well I'm not real sure. I was reading that people use fruit, spices things like that. Can't really afford to buy hops or anything. I'm working with just the can of Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner at the moment.
  8. Hey all, I'm new and I wanted to make a czech pilsner, but wanted to tweak the flavor a bit. Not sure how to do this or what flavor profile would taste good. Any suggestions and tips for doing this? Thanks In Advance.
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