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  1. Haha, I should have made a home depot trip to snag a hose washer for the inside too lol. Oh well, I'm already letting it sit and sanitize so we'll see how my first batch goes and if I get into this then I just may try the extra washer trick next time too.
  2. Actually, I think I finally nailed it. Gonna let it sit a little longer and be a perfectionist about it, but a file worked a lit better than a razor. Smoothed it out further at the hole and so far for a few minutes it's sat and not a drop. Looking a lot harder at it I could see right at one of the seams because of the offset of incline and the surface not being precisely flush, I could see the seal had a warped sort of look sitting against the edge. So a combo of filing down to perfection, plus this time around after further digging I caught some comments about the final 1/4 turn at the spigot's side to ensure proper snugness without overdoing it, and yup! That seems to be the key. If I go out to my kitchen in 20 minutes and still see a few drops then I'm just going to default to figuring I need to do a better job of filing and smoothing over the outer edge of the hole. Definitely looking forward to this haha. Got this kit for my b-day with the Bewitched amber ale brew and I'm finally throwing this all together this weekend to get going.
  3. I give up! I've tried slight adjustments to the angle every which way, varying degrees of looseness and tightness, and I even sliced my GD finger taking a razor to the seams to smooth them out. When I fill up my little keg it still slowly drips out of the spigot seam. I do have the washer on the outside, with the beveled edge touching the keg hole. I'm out of ideas. Smoothing out the seams on the hole did make an improvement, just didn't completely cure the issue. So my question is this; F--- it! Is there a big reason why it might not be a good idea to just superglue or caulk the damn beveled edge of the seal against the plastic keg? Either contamination or sanitation issues? Or can I just throw in the towel and do this? Because I'm getting kind of pissed at the thing haha.
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