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  1. The link you gave says "Each cube is a perfectly portioned teaspoon of granulated sugar".. therefore they are too big to fit in the neck of bottles. i have already tried these exact brand of sugar cubes. thanks for trying everyone
  2. Oh yeah.... I've done the regular sugar before. The carb drops are real convenient tho. I was at a brewing supply store the other day, and I saw he was selling generic carb drops. Smaller than the Mr Beer ones... Sorta looked like bigger, fatter aspiring. I know that the drops are more money.
  3. Normal sugar cubes don't fit.... and it wouldn't be with the trouble to order sugar cubes from the states, especially with the shipping charges.... I may just cross the border and get some myself one day, if I feel like it's worth it.
  4. I have never seen domino dots here in Canada.... Regular sugar cubes are too big to fit in the bottles
  5. It's a guessing game to me. Here is the link to the Canadian site.... https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/mr-beer-long-play-ipa-refill-kit/1047578531?keyword=mr-beer
  6. Nope, the Diablo kit came with carb drops but the Long Play did NOT. This is something from Mr.Beer, as I'm quite sure that BBaB don't put the kits together.
  7. The thing is, they say one thing, and the picture is another.... ie. "Includes: 1 can of Diablo IPA HME 1 packet of dry brewing yeast (under lid of HME) 1 packet of no-rinse cleanser" ...however picture shows carb drops AND comes with carb drops While others show exact same picture, (different HME), says same description.. but DOESN'T Infact come with carb drops.
  8. Being in Canada, when I order a kit from bed Bath And beyond, I'm interested in knowing which kits I order will have more than just HME and yeast and sanitizer. Like carb drops, or booster. Thanks
  9. Sorry, replied to the wrong post.
  10. No need to justify..... Lol
  11. I take the pot off the heat and even let it sit for a minute while I get prepared to add the can of extract. The only constant is the Mr B HME. I'll have to let my beers condition even longer now and see if the situation gets better.
  12. Hmmm, a dash of salt.... Could be on to something
  13. The 3 partial mashes I've done so far, have that twangy flavour. Now I have a Wheat that I've made and it's conditioning now that I'm hopeful will be good, but initial bottling sample also had twang... Maybe a real long condition will help. I really have to do that all grain.
  14. I put it in while boiling the water/hops for at least 10 mins.
  15. I've tried filtered tap water and several brands of spring water.... Perhaps the distilled water with HME...
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