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  1. Sorry, replied to the wrong post.
  2. No need to justify..... Lol
  3. I take the pot off the heat and even let it sit for a minute while I get prepared to add the can of extract. The only constant is the Mr B HME. I'll have to let my beers condition even longer now and see if the situation gets better.
  4. Hmmm, a dash of salt.... Could be on to something
  5. The 3 partial mashes I've done so far, have that twangy flavour. Now I have a Wheat that I've made and it's conditioning now that I'm hopeful will be good, but initial bottling sample also had twang... Maybe a real long condition will help. I really have to do that all grain.
  6. I put it in while boiling the water/hops for at least 10 mins.
  7. I've tried filtered tap water and several brands of spring water.... Perhaps the distilled water with HME...
  8. Ironically, the very first batch I made was a Diablo IPA straight up it wasn't "fresh" and it was great.
  9. Well, after about a dozen Mr Beer recipes, I'm starting to get disheartened. I've made all sorts of recipes that are different flavoured using all sorts of different hops, yeast, water and adjuncts. Every batch I've made, they all have a very similar taste. Some more bitter than others, but similar. My sanitation is good. I ferment for the recommended duration. I pitch my yeast at about 65-68F. I ferment at between 62-68F.... and every batch I've made has the same 'twangy' flavour as the batch before, regardless of which hop or yeast I use..... Don't get me wrong, they have tasted quite good, but virtually the same.... fruity/metallic, I don't quite know how to quantify it. Now don't go and tell me I've fermented too warm, because I have THREE ways of monitoring temps. Stick on aquarium type, remote weather station type, and infra red gun style. I now believe 'the twang is real', partial mashes or not. I think I'll do an all grain BIAB next to compare the taste... I also recently got a mini fridge, maybe I'll try a pilsner/lager. Thoughts???
  10. I just checked, and Kitchen Stuff Plus doesn't carry Mr beer anymore.... Walmart stopped carrying them a while back, and Amazon is TOO expensive..... Really???? Is there no place to get this stuff anymore without paying thru the nose?? Just found BED BATH AND BEYOND still carries and has free shipping on orders over $49.00
  11. Ferment at around 62-65F. The apples are prb from fermenting too high. Or it may just be a issue with the American Lager, not unlike the Mexican cerveza...
  12. I'm from the Greater Toronto area (GTA) and I was enjoying getting the HME refills from Walmart at first, but they stopped carrying them. The last order I made was from Kitchen Stuff Plus and they had a decent selection. I plan on going all grain soon, so I may not need the refills anymore.
  13. Maybe I'll try this next fall.
  14. Is that "harsh after bite" bitter or twangy fruity? The bitter may be the hops, since it's rated quite high on the bitterness scale. If it's the twangy fruity, then it may be the "LME twang" that is often talked about. I get often, and I especially got it when i brewed my first (and only) Mexican cerveza batch. I fermented quite warm, and I'm quite sure that I had too much diacetyl as a result. I just brewed my first batch of LP IPA, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to taste, but it's supposed to be lighter that the Diablo in ABV, but still quite bitter (as the Diablo is). I'm drinking stuff I bottled in December and really enjoying them.
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