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  1. Another question, about beer temps. I'm using ice chests to store beer while ferments and conditions. I put two frozen water bottles in every 24 hours. The temp ranges from 68 degrees to 72 degrees until I replace. Is it ok for the temp to move between the ranges. Didn't know if it's matters if its not consistent. Also, bottled my first batch after returning from Vacay. Has a great flavor and it's flat like it should be. Can't wait till October to try it. Have the Long Play IPA brewing now. Just got my second BLK and going to start a second brewing. Thanks for any advice shared.
  2. Awesome, going on vacation and will be ready when I come back.
  3. Is there a need to let the beer ferment longer than the 2 weeks, I'm brewing Octoberfest and today is the last day. I've read that that the conditioning could go to three weeks. Thanks
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