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  1. What do you guys think of the new conical fermenter that Mr.Beer is selling? I don’t think you could keep it in a mini fridge because of its awkaward shape but maybe use it to ferment beers that can handle room tempature? Let me know your thoughts?
  2. So it could be safe to use a whole "vial" of liquid yeast without a starter if you were feeling froggy considering that the dry yeast packs are also made for 5 gallon batches?
  3. How does everyone feel about using liquid yeast in an Lbk, given that they are small 2 gallon batches? Most liquid yeasts are made for at least 5-10 gallon batches would I need a yeast starter or could I just put the whole thing in the Lbk? I read some pros and cons for using liquid yeast and just wanted some more opinions on the matter. Is this a little mad scientist?
  4. So I have the winged capper from Mr.beer. After starting to brew several batches I realized that saving bottles is obviously easier than buying hundreds of bottles. The only problem is my capper slips when I try to bottle beers with SN or Lagunitas bottles. I know some cappers come apart to switch the handles around for the smaller bottles, can I do this with my winged capper as well? Anyone have a link for directions? Thanks guys!!!
  5. Hey Guys!!!! Just a quick update on what has been going on with my brewing i recently started a new position at work so haven't been spending much time on the forums but it hasn't kept me from BREWING!!! My first batch by now is obviously done, the first one that i tried had a bit of a cider taste like most of you said it would and i think it was due to improper temperature. I decided to take on some of your advice and continue to let the first batch condition, man did that do wonders for the taste! I have since upgraded to 4 Lbks, (that didn't take long haha), My second batch of LBKs were fermented with my new Mini-Fridge and INKBird, and now am on my Third batch of LBK's fermenting. This hobby is addicting and i am so glad that i finally decided to start. Below is a list of what i will be working with in the near future. Once again thanks for all your help, and happy Brewing. Long Play IPA-First Batch (Conditioned and Enjoying!) That Voodoo You Do (Bottled 8/25) Hopiphany White IPA (Bottled 8/27) Bohemian Bronze (Bottled 8/27) Watermelon Wheat (Brewed 8/29) Brown Bag Special (Brewed 8/29) Pumpkin Rising (Going to Brew 9/10)
  6. Just finished bottling my first batch!!!
  7. I only ask because I would eventually like to get a growler like the ukeg or something similar but I guess at that point you would just pour the beer into the keg directly after fermentation and force carbonate the beer with co2?
  8. The questions continue.... So i have been looking on various sites to try and find a concrete answer to the following scenario. Often i transport beer in growlers when i go to family bbq's, friends out of town etc. Obviously, as i am new to home brewing, i am talking about beer from breweries that is dispensed from the tap. I know that conditioning in growlers is a no-no, but my question is would it be bad to transfer beer from bottles to a growler post conditioning for easy transporting if i am going to consume the beer that day, if so what is the best way to keep your beer fresh and get it into a growler?
  9. This looks like a cheap cool alternative to buying labels, but i have a question have you tried this on standard pet plastic bottles? just curious
  10. I actually decided on this one, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O2MB4AC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Another user said they have the same one and they fit three LBK's in it, if i can only fit 2 then its cool. I also picked up an ink bird so I'm ready for some steady temp brewing!!!!
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, only reason i was thinking about getting the wine fridge is because of the digital display temp controller and i think i can get 3 LBK's into it.
  12. Question? may be a dumb one but If i am purchasing this fridge, https://www.target.com/p/whirlpool-40-bottle-4-5-cu-ft-wine-refrigerator-stainless-steel-jc-133ez/-/A-51222854 I do not need an ink bird temp controller, because the fridge has a temp gauge on it correct?
  13. Just wanted to give an update @jasbo @RickBeer @MrWhy the cooler and thermometer came in today after transferring my LBK, it is sitting at about 62-64F. Thanks so much for all the advice. Rick i have started reading a lot of your links within your sig thank you for passing along your knowledge.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, and yes i got the temperature down Jim thanks for asking, for now i just have it in a cardboard box with some bottles in it to keep the LBK cool. i also have thermometers and a portable cooler on the way just until i decide which route i wanna go. I had a mini fridge that i used for soft drinks and beer i was going to use, but it has a freezer inside it and in any case my LBK doesn't fit in it. For now i think the cooler will work, once i decide on the plan I will probably buy a cheap mini fridge that can hold about 4 LBK's. I have been doing some searching and if you buy one at the right time and place they aren't too expensive.
  15. How do you guys feel about the the 2g brewmax fermentors?
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