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  1. Ok. Thanks. I'll have to order some US-05 off Amazon. Thanks.
  2. Are any of these good in phase of US-04 or US-05? These are what my small town beer shop had on hand.
  3. My ambient air temp is 66-67 constantly for femur and 73 constant for conditioning. Not sure on wort temp. I don't have a probe.
  4. I see the packs of S-05 are for 5 to 6 gallon batches. Do you use the whole pack in a 2 gallon batch or are you able use half and save it for the next batch?
  5. Thank you. I'll see if my store can order that for me. Much appreciated!
  6. I really don't know that much about yeasts. I live in a very small town, and have 1 store that has a very small homebrew section, and hardly any yeasts. Is US-05 a good all around yeast, or do I need different yeasts for different kinds of beers. I think I'm going to lean my beer making to Stouts, Oktoberfest, Amber and Browns. What is my best option for those beers?
  7. I have 3 batches of Mr. Beer that have been ready to drink so far, and they all have had a cidery taste. My first was the CAL, my second was the Bavarian Wheat, and my third was the Irish stout. I am doing the 3/4 method. 3 weeks fermenting, and at least 4 on conditioning. Some of the CAL has been conditiong for about 8, and some of the Wheat and Stout have been 6 weeks, and still have the cider taste. The stout isn't quite as noticeable, but it's still there. I am sanitizing very well, and my Temps for everything are right on par with everyone elses. I am bottling in both glass and the plastic Mr. Beer bottles, and the plastic bottles seem to have a more noticeable cider taste. I am using Mr. Beer drops or corn sugar for bottling. I used no add ins for the CAL, a booster pack for the Wheat, and some LME for the Stout. Can someone please help me out please. What am I doing wrong.
  8. Yup. That clears it up. That is the assumption that I was under, just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  9. I'm a little confused about carbonating vs conditioning. Is the conditioning done at the same temp as the carbonating? For example, if a recipe says 3 weeks carbonating, then 3 weeks conditioning, do I put the bottles in the fridge after the first 3 weeks to condition for 3 weeks? Or is it just 6 weeks at room temp, then a few days in the fridge?
  10. Has anyone tried the That Voodoo recipe with Oktoberfest instead of Bewitched amber ale? I have an Oktoberfest that I want to use, and also have a pound of Wheat DME and brown sugar. I have everything that I need to try this recipe except the Bewitched. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have any experience adding coffee and lactose to the bewitched Amber ale? Being from Michigan I am a fan of the Keweenaw brewing Company's beers. My favorite is called a Borealis brew, which is an amber ale with espresso. It's amazing! I have a bewitched Amber ale in the LB K right now that will be ready to be bottled Sunday. I would like to add coffee and possibly some lactose to a few of the bottles but have no idea where to start or how much to add. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it thank you.
  12. Okay thanks. I'll just buy another 2 gallon LBK until I'm ready to get into a bigger operation.
  13. I am intersted in getting another fermenter so that I can have a couple batches brewing at the same time. I know eventually I will Want to start brewing bigger batches than 2 gallons. If I purchase a 6 gallon pail fermenter now can I do the 2 gallon Mr. beer kits in that pail until I decide to start doing 6 gallons batches?
  14. Hello everyone. I have a question about temperature ranges and LBK location . I currently have a batch of CAL conditioning . I have a batch of Irish stout fermenting and a batch of Bavarian wheat fermenting. My question is that my basement fluctuates temperature a little bit between 66 and 68°, But my upstairs stays a constant 73 . Where would be the better location for the fermenting process? I currently am fermenting downstairs and conditioning upstairs. Thank you in advance for any information
  15. When do you add the peel? And how much for a 2 gallon batch?
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