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  1. I just brewed this, steeped 2 row and carapils for 45 minutes, added a booster too. Should be delicious.
  2. I mix it into a spray bottle, the .3 teaspoon per 32 oz of water from the brita or bottled..
  3. The green bits are in my pictures on first post. Samples before bottling we're a golden brown color. Looked good. Hops that were in the bags were green mush.
  4. Cold crashed for 3 days and bottled it today. Tasters were delicious, very beery nothing off flavor. Can't wait to try it in 5 weeks. The hop bags had mushy hops inside, lots of said hops dissolved thru bags and into the wort ergo the green coloring.
  5. Brewing the Golden Empire. 12 days brewing, 64-68*F. Did a taste, it as a golden color, tasted beery and bitter. Is the coloring on top from the El Dorado hops? Is it infected ?
  6. I use 1 gallon jugs of spring water from the grocery store. When it comes to tap water, its not the source water that concerns me as it has to meet certain standards. Its all the piping from the source to my tap. Who knows whats in them. Bottled water is cheap insurance of a good water. Put the water jugs in the fridge, if I forget to fridge them, 90 minutes in the freezer does the trick.
  7. Hi I want to order the Heathers: Scotch Ale but in the cart it says 1 LME Pale but the recipe page says it should have 3.
  8. I sanitized everything with a spray bottle pre mixed with star San. Cherries were not expired.
  9. So I brewed my christmas beer recipe on August 20 (without the honey), tried the first bottle on Thanksgiving. I could taste the chocolate, and porter but not the cherries. Beer was fizzy, but tasted good and not hoppy nor bitter. Tasted a 2nd bottle last week, and it was very very bitter. The bitterness overwhelmed the flavor and was dominant. Not sure if it was the last one bottled or not, which would have some trub in it. Tasted a 3rd bottle tonight, not as bitter as last one but still bitter. Which is odd, since the first bottle was great. What should I do? Why are they bitter, and why was the first bottle the best so far? Not sure if I should share these bottles with family...
  10. I don't think you need an ice bath but couldn't hurt. I refrigerate two gallons of spring water. One gets poured into the LBK before the wort, the other afterwards. Then pitch yeast; at that point the wort is around 62*F. Have two batches going now with that method and 'foamy vigorous fermentation' is an understatement. Your stout sounds good.
  11. Thanks for the reply Josh! My aforementioned temp controller kicks on the fridge at 67.5*F and turns it off at 65.5*F, at which point the temp floats down to 64.0. where it bottoms out then gradually warms back up. These temps are using the digital readout from the temp controller. The stick on thermometer, which is installed below the wort line, reads: At 67.5..... 68 is Yellow and 64 is Blue At 64.0..... it reads the same as above. If I understand that thermometer correctly, when it reads Green, that is the correct temp. Which could lead me to assume my beer is at 66*F + the slightly warmer in the keg amount. Would this be correct? If so should I leave the temp controller as is? I'm brewing a Nilla Porter now, put it in the LBK at 9:30pm yesterday. Right now it has lots of foam on top. And will start on a Chocolate and Orange Stout soon. I don't know if I should drop the temps a few degrees right now, while its at High Krausen? Just in case? Then switch back to this setup? My logic behind the temp controller thermometer location is, hot air rises so put it on top + the center of the wort should be the warmest since its furthest away from refrigerated air. But I have been known to miss the boat before And hear what you're saying. Reason I'm asking is I read on another thread here that 'if you set your temp controller to 61*F ambient you'll be fine' and my beer then came out sweet. Likely unfermented sugars? Thanks again! -Brad
  12. The Mr. Beer stick on thermometer, does it measure wort temperature? Just on the outside diameter of the wort, not the center? Or does it truly measure temps on the outside of the Little Brown Keg, which would be cooler than the warm wort inside? Just trying to figure out how to set my temp controller, which has an external sensor taped to the top of the LBK lid, with a folded paper towel on top of the sensor to theoretically make it not as impacted by ambient air temp.
  13. Brewed last night, won't be using the honey.
  14. Agreed! I was thinking of using only 1 carb drop instead of the normal 2, and add some drops of honey. Honey malt, that sounds like a good idea. Another beer, another new malt to try
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