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  1. Thanks everyone! We will let her finish out and enjoy, I guess I just wasn't sure how important that LME was, which sounds like it is important if you need boldness, but I don't. I'm OK with a toned down IPA for my first try.
  2. Hi folks, New here and new to the hobby. I've done two batches so far that came with the LBK kit, and just mixed up a third batch that was a little different, the Brew De Ale Ze Bub, IPA comes with hops pellets and an LME pack that my original 2 kits didn't have. Long story short...I just did everything, yeast is on the mixture in the keg fermenting, but just realized that although I did get the hops pellets in the bag and added to the wort mixture, I completely forgot the LME pack. Actually my kids were screwing around and had taken the packet out of the box, but my stupid brain was reading the instructions too fast and should have caught it anyways. My question is...is it a waste of time to let it ferment, bottle, carbonate, and see what happens, just dump it now an reorder the kit? Or, do you think it will still turn out OK? Thanks! Hibby
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