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  1. Did a taste test on the same day I pulled the gravity reading........nothing gross.....just sweet..... Pitched the full 11.5 oz. yeast last night... no stirring or shaking........opened up the LBK and sprinkled in......we'll see what 24 hrs. in looks like this evening...... Thanks for all your help everybody.
  2. Great question.....since this was from an old kit I picked up locally for around $10......it came with the "Classic American Lite" refill. I turned it into the "Horse's Ass Ale" which should be a mild pale ale.......added a cup of honey and 1oz. of Citra hops for the last minute or two of boiling. Not expecting anything amazing, but hopefully it will be "drinkable" HAHAHA
  3. Any more opinions on whether to agitate the wort with heavy stirring/shaking............or shall I just open the lid, pour the 11.5 oz. of S-33, close her up and pray for fermentation.......
  4. So....should I pitch the entire 11.5oz S-33 and let 'er rip...........or should I split the yeast in half and save the rest for another batch since its only the 2 gallons...?
  5. Hi All, first post. Starting to get back into brewing with Mr. Beer since taking a 2 year break. Bought up a bunch of Mr. Beer kits around locally for cheap, to get some additional LBK's. Extracts where past the expired date ( as was the yeast) which I didn't know at the time. From all my research, the extract should be fine, but yeast is most likely dead. Brewed up the wort, got the temps to the correct range, and pitched the 5oz. packet of Mr. Beer dry yeast. Waited a week, checking it every other day, and no fermentation. After researching and finding out the yeast were probably dead.....I went to my local HBS and picked up an 11.5oz of S-33, and pitched the whole thing. (The guy at the store said I could pitch the entire 11.5 oz and it wouldn't harm anything, even though the Mr. Beer recipe only utilizes a 5 oz. packet. ) Waited a week........checking every other day......no fermentation............scratching my head, and decided to do a gravity reading of the wort..........1.071...........accounted for temperature and calibration of hydrometer....no fermentation has occurred..........still scratching my head. On the way home from work the other day, I decided to "check" the expiration dates on the other S-33 yeast the HBS sold me, as well as the wheat yeast he sold me..........the other packet of S-33 had an expiration date of February of 2016! I can only assume (cause I didn't check) the packet of S-33 I pitched a week ago was most likely expired as well. Called up the local HBS, after a bit of arguing and him checking his refrigerator....he concurred that he sold me dead, expired yeast. he said he would replace at no charge. Here I am.....almost 3 weeks in with Wort in the LBK this entire time...doing nothing....I now have new, un-expired S-33 ready to pitch into this batch and get some fermentation started.... Here are my questions............Should I just pitch in the S-33 and let it do it's thing? Should I sanitize a spoon and mix up the wort a lot (aerate it) and then pitch the new yeast? Or.....should I try and "rack" the wort and use a filtering screen to get it to a new LBK, to try and get as much as the dead yeast out of the wort as possible??? Will the dead yeast in the wort be a problem, or do I need to get the wort off the dead yeast? Right now, there is approx. 16 oz. of dead yeast floating around in my un-fermented wort. I know this was a ton of information, but if anyone could steer me in the right direction to save this brew.....I would greatly appreciate it.
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