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  1. So I tried my GAB... it’s terrible. Too much oxidation I think. Tastes very wine-y. My BAA tasted a little wine-y too. I’m definitely making a mistake somewhere along the line. IIRC they both tasted oxidized before bottling when I tasted the test samples. At the time I didn’t know what it was though. Any tips for beating oxidation? Btw this article is why I think it’s oxidized: http://blog.mrbeer.com/5-common-off-flavors-in-beer/
  2. They were in my LBK after the BAA too though? Definitely not mouse turds, unless they’re sneaking in to the LBK, in the cooler, in my pantry, swimming and pooping in there, then getting out safely and replacing the kid on the LBK... I guess that would explain the oxidation though
  3. Im fairly certain I had the same stuff in my LBK last batch I made too, and that was Bewitched Amber Ale... And I blended the Boysenberries well. I don’t think there was any chunks.
  4. Well the GAB is supposed to be ready. I haven’t tried one yet. Put a couple in the fridge three days ago. Will probably try one later after work. The rest are still bottle conditioning.
  5. Finally bottled my GAB today, it was in the LBK for a month because I’ve been sick and busy with Xmas. btw is this the yeast? When I clean the LBK after bottling I have Trub, and this stuff:
  6. The stick on thermometer and the aquarium thermometer read within a degree of each other though, so I’m keeping an eye on the temps. I try to check it every 12 hours, but sometimes I go 24 hours. My LBK is in my kitchen pantry right across from my refrigerator so I can take a peak at it any time I go to the fridge
  7. I have one, but because it’s atill so warm here I can’t see the temperature strip on the side of the LBK when it’s in the cooler
  8. One more week until I bottle the Girls And Boysenberries :-)
  9. Cheers! Thanks man I’m willing to drink my mistakes so it should be a fun learning experience. I’m still using the aquarium thermometer in the cooler, eventually I will put it into the LBK somehow. In the meantime I’m checking the ambient temps inside the cooler every 12 hours or so and I’ve managed to keep it in the low to mid 60s using frozen water bottles.
  10. Just started my next batch. Girls and Boysenberries! One week until I add the Boysenberry
  11. Sitting on the couch sipping a Bewitched Amber Ale! It’s delicious. A little darker than I expected, almost stout-y.
  12. Put a couple beers in fridge yesterday afternoon... now we wait for turkey day!
  13. Good to know. I’ll put a couple in the fridge after work, thanks!
  14. 5 more days until my beer should be ready! On the 25th they’ll be at four weeks. I did cheat and try one already at two weeks and it was pretty good. I’ll probably throw a couple in the fridge Wednesday night or Thursday morning to drink on Thanksgiving. Next batch should start brewing Sunday the 26th of November :-)
  15. Sunday is bottling day! took advantage of the sale Mr Beer was running and ordered my next brew, too. Girls and Boysenberries!
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