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  1. Hi everybody, Well I brewed this and let it condition for about 3 weeks. This beer is my best tasting so far. I just wanted to see what it tasted like and wow. I'm going to drink a few more around Christmas and new year's. This should even be better by then.
  2. Hi everyone, I was just wondering what I should brew next? I think with what one I brew it's going to condition for a long time.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, I worded this wrong. I guess what I meant to say will this be in the ballpark taste wise like a Molson or labatt?
  4. Ripon is correct. Idk where the only one in the world is
  5. Hi everyone I'm a pretty big fan of Molson Canadian beer. I was wondering is the Canadian blonde anything like Molson at all? I bought a refill and am anxious to brew it and see how close they taste. Let me know Thanks
  6. @WisconsinBadger Where in the great state of Wisconsin do you live? I live in the birthplace of the Republican Party.
  7. The wort had been in 69/70 degree temps so it might be bad?
  8. Hi everyone I have Diablo next on the brewing block. I don't think I'm going to use the carb drops for carbonation. Whst would be better for carbonation the drops or sugar? What would you guys suggest for tips on bottling Diablo? How long should I let it carbonate in the bottles? Please let me know Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies I actually have craft beer Diablo brewing and it's 3 week bottling date is coming up on the 11th. So I want to to finish these off and bottle that and let that sit. Can you let it sit longer in the fermenter? I actually think this beer tasted just blah because when I brewed it the can was past it's due date and the yeast was bad. I will finish this beer up and hopefully get a better beer with Diablo. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, Well my 3 week wait is over for the classic american light. I wanted to taste what it tasted like after 3 weeks so I put one in the fridge for 3 days. This isnt the best beer I ever tasted just kind of somewhere in the middle. I like the clarity and such. I got Diablo waiting so I think that will come out better. The first batch is always the hardest to drink and it's true lol
  11. Hi everyone I have Diablo IPA currently brewing and I did a taste sample as it's getting bottled in a few days and the taste to me is really bitter. So my question is when it is bottled and has the carbonation drops added will it take away some of the bitterness?
  12. Hi everyone I got some Diablo brewing and I am about to bottle it next week after the 3 week wait. I was wondering what people thought about carbonation drops vs sugar? Please let me know Thanks Scott
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone. I was wondering why people hate mr.beer kits? I stopped by a local brew store and the guy bashed mr.beer I left mad.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Scott and I'm from the badger state. I brewed Mr.beer before and quit for a few years. I got back into it recently as my first batch is currently bottled and I'm excited to taste it as I did the taste test before bottling and it tasted terrific. My only concern was when I bought my kit and I opened it up and got to brewing I noticed the date on the bottom of classic american light was expired by a year. I was wondering will this affect anything like taste wise? I talked to the people at Mr.beer and they told me it shouldn't affect anything. I just wanted everyone's opinion on here. Thanks
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