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  1. Hi guys, I know the answer to this question is obvious, but I thought I'd check here just to be sure. It's my understanding that the specific gravity of all liquid malt extract -- regardless of the style -- is about 1.036. Hence, one pound of liquid malt extract added to one gallon of water yields 1.036 or 36 gravity points per pound per gallon. Dry malt extract is supposed to be about 1.042 or 42 gravity points per pound per gallon. Is this true for the cans of Mr. Beer liquid malt extract as well?
  2. Several weeks ago, I made the St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Kit in my LBK. However, after things began fermenting a couple of hours later, the entire contents began to leak and make a REAL mess. It was annoying having to clean everything up and throw everything out. So, I thought I'd use a regular 5-gallon fermenting bucket with an airlock next time. And, boy did this help! The krausen rose to over the 3-gallon mark, but the bucket held everything. No mess! I then racked the fermented brew off the yeast into my clean and sanitized LBK and used that as my bottling bucket. It worked great! So, now I just use my own fermenting bucket and the LBK as my bottling bucket with great success. Anyone else out there with leaks or messes should give this method a try.
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